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  • "personal problems" and began to listen to various radio ministers in a search for answers. This is how he first came to listen to ''The World Tomorrow'' ...Order]] 12810<ref>[ ''George Bush: Executive Order 12810 - Blocking Property of and Prohibiting Transac
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  • ...he economy. Most succinctly stated, he declared that self-interest and the search for [[profit]]s will push [[entrepreneur]]s toward satisfying consumer dema ...ory made by [[Böhm-Bawerk]]─make possible an explanation of real wages. Böhm-Bawerk applied the discounting approach, criticizing exploitation theory (B
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  • ...the local University of Königsberg, where he became a student of [[Johann Georg Hamann]], a patriotic Francophobe and intensely subjective thinker who cham ...he first in but a long line of Germans preoccupied with this harmony. This search is itself the key to much in German theory. And Herder was too penetrating
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  • ...le for the emergence of [[Cambridge University]] as a center of economic research in the early twentieth century. ...he economics faculty in 1946 and then was joined by his long-time friend [[George J. Stigler]] in 1958. In Friedman's [[Monetarism]], it found a means, both
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