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  • ...uri on his journey through the [[Southeastern United States|Southeast]] in search of [[gold]], becoming the first [[Europe]]an to see the state. Not until 16]], American settlers began to filter into the Spanish-held territory in search of land. In the early 1800s, Spain signed the territory back over to the Fr
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  • ...TIS). 1999a. [ ''Rheum'' L.]. ''ITIS Taxonomic Serial No.: 21318''. Retrieved ...ash;. 1999b. [ ''Rheum rhabarbarum'' L.] ''ITIS Taxonomic Serial No.: 504747'
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  • ...[surgery]], [[chemotherapy]], and [[radiation therapy|radiotherapy]]. As research develops, treatments are becoming more specific for different varieties of ...the [[British doctors study]]). Richard Doll left the [[London]] Medical Research Center (MRC), to start the [[Oxford]] unit for cancer epidemiology in 1968.
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  • ...nual average number of tornadoes"> [ NOAA National Climatic Data Center]. Retrieved N ..., motors and airplanes transferred between individuals. The maximum casual excise tax is $300. In South Carolina, intangible personal property is exempt from
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  • In search of adventure, the young Melville left his native Massachusetts and joined a ...King James I|King James]]. Through the allegory of the sea, his subtle and searching mind probed the great and most enduring questions of life.
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  • ...e was one percent on net profits over $5,000. Legally it was designated an excise on the privilege of doing business and not a tax on incomes as such. In 191 :<small>Ruling that the Fourth Amendment proscription on unreasonable search and seizure did not apply to wiretaps.</small>
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  • ...regular and proportionate. He condemned [[poll taxes]] as very unequal and excise on beer as taxing the poor excessively. He recommended a much higher qualit ...omic Association'' (August, 1894). Retrieved July 2, 2008. (biographical research and documentation)
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  • ...H. Malter, [ "David Cassel"] ''Jewish Encyclopedia'' Retrieved December 16, 2007 ...laced with a [[German language|German]] text which truncated or altogether excised most parts of the traditional service. Reform synagogues began to be calle
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  • righteous of the kings of Judah after [[David]], later editors may have excised any portions of Jeremiah's writings that were critical of Josiah. *[ Jeremiah] ''Jewish Encyclopedia''
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  • ...e class that includes for example the RNAs that form [[spliceosome]]s that excise [[intron]]s from [[pre-mRNA]] (Berg et al. 2002). ...nd domains (Mathews et al. 2004). There has been a significant amount of research directed at the [[RNA structure]] prediction problem.
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  • ...Then in regard to the important question with [[Spain]] as to the right of search, Pitt has disarmed criticism by acknowledging that the course he followed d ...d to keep alive his popularity with the country, which cordially hated the excise and all connected with it. When next year the question of general warrants
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  • ...oposed that the [[tariff]] on [[wine]] and [[tobacco]] be replaced by an [[excise]] tax. To countervail the threat of smuggling, the tax was to be collected ...he Spanish colonies in North America; Spain claimed the right to board and search British vessels to ensure compliance. Disputes, however, broke out over tra
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  • ....<ref>''City of Tumwater'', July 18, 2005. [ Articles on George Washington Bush] Retrieved October 25, 200 ... dead people, mishandled ballots and more. These findings in the course of searching for the final number of votes for the candidates was revealing of the in
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  • Because it was excluded from the Jewish canon, ''The Wisdom of Ben Sira'' was excised from the [[Protestantism|Protestant]] canon following the [[Reformation]]. * Beentjes, Pancratius C. ''The Book of Ben Sira in Modern Research: Proceedings of the First International Ben Sira Conference, 28-31 July 199
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  • ...ef name="Census">{{cite web|url=| title=Population Trends: India|accessdate ... consume [[beer]], [[whiskey]], [[rum]] and [[brandy]], partly because low excise duty makes alcohol affordable for everyone.
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