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  • ...yed an important role as middlemen between trappers and traders. Today the Cree, along with the [[Inuit]], make up the sparse population of the bay's islan ...ay and successfully traded for [[American Beaver|beaver]] pelts with the [[Cree]]. This led to the creation of the [[Hudson's Bay Company]]. The [[British
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  • ...n language]] (related to [[Blackfoot language|Blackfoot]], [[Cree language|Cree]], and [[Mohican language|Mohican]]) of the [[eastern United States]], mean ...). 1999. [ Diospyros L.] ''ITIS Taxonomic Serial No.: 23853''. Retrieved
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  • the Record Straight About Native Languages: What Does "Eskimo" Mean In Cree?].''''. Retrieved July 17, 2008.</ref> However, while "I The Inuktitut syllabary used in Canada is based on the [[Cree syllabary]] devised by the missionary [[James Evans (linguist)|James Evans]
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  • ...[[ecology|ecological]] zones. The Paleo Indian people entered this land in search of big game, but left few reminders behind. Tribal groups existing at this time were: [[Sioux|Dakota]], [[Cree]], [[Assiniboine]], and [[Ojibwe]]. Other tribes in adjacent areas that too
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  • ..., elk and [[red deer]] were considered the same species, however [[DNA]] research has indicated that they are different. transmitted brucellosis to horses in Wyoming and cattle in [[Idaho]]. Researchers are attempting to eradicate the disease through vaccinations and herd ma
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  • ...f that language shapes [[perception]] and influences behavior led him to research the nature of an international auxiliary language. In order to function as ... they become lost forever. Boas arranged Sapir's employment in 1907-1908 researching the nearly extinct [[Yahi|Yana]] language of northern California.
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