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  • {{Indianmusic}} ... is considered to have absorbed Persian and Turkic features, introduced by musicians from [[Persia]] and [[Central Asia]].
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  • '''Electronic music''' is a term for [[music]] created using [[electronics|electronic]] devices. As defined by the [[IEE ... there was a growing desire for composers to use emerging technologies for musical purposes. Several instruments were created that employed electromechanica
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  • [[Image:Oslo gospel choir.jpg|thumb|300px|Gospel music has reached the world level today: Here the Oslo Gospel Choir performs.]] ...pel (now more commonly known as "praise music" or [[Contemporary Christian music]]).
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  • | genre = [[Beat generation|Beat]], [[science fiction]], [[satire]] | movement = [[Beat generation|Beat]]<br />[[Postmodern literature|Postmodern]]
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  • ...term is sometimes used in a broad sense to refer to most types of Jamaican music, including ska, rocksteady and dub. The term is more specifically used to i ...e [[Rastafari|Rastafari movement]], which influenced many prominent reggae musicians in the 1970s and 1980s. The messages contained in these songs tend to d
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  • ...Note Records|Blue Note]] in 1947 (later anthologised on ''Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 1'') which showcased his talents as a composer of original melodies f In August 1951, [[New York City]] police searched a parked car occupied by Monk and friend [[Bud Powell]]. The police found
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  • ...les of the importance of a harmonious partnership wherein various rhythmic beats interplay with melodic sections while dance partners portray a mutual coop Moreover, another variant of rumba music and dance was popularized in the [[United States]] in the 1930s, which was
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  • ...ligence]] weeks before the expedition which warned of an impending British search, and had moved much, but not all, of the supplies to safety. They had also ...ify and declare that about five o’clock in the morning, hearing our drum beat, we proceeded towards the parade, and soon found that a large body of troop
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  • ... to surround him. Moreover, that mystique became a teaching tool for other musicians in defining a self-discipline and moral ideal that may have eluded Jim ...from UCLA, he broke off most of his family contact. By the time Morrison's music ascended to the top of the charts in 1967, he claimed that his parents and
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  • ...he same roots and diverged from the prevalent rock style into [[electronic music]]. ...eavy metal]], but it also drew heavily non-Western sources, such as Indian music.
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  • ...ft|abbr=on}}. Generally, the longer the instrument, the lower the [[Pitch (music)|pitch or key]] of the instrument. Keys from D to F♯ are the preferred pi ...e didgeridoo, thus, is a testament to the long-standing [[creativity]] and musical artistry of humankind.
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  • | movement = [[Beat generation|Beat]], New American Poets, [[Postmodernism]] ...ates at the time. His work embodies the [[Counterculture|countercultural]] Beat spirit, as he was able to bring attention to those subjects that were often
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  • ... novel, [[Buddha]] instructs the [[Bodhisattva]] [[Kuan Yin|Guānyīn]] to search [[Tang dynasty|Táng]] China for someone to bring the Buddhist [[sutra]]s t ... sins," the Buddha instructs the [[Bodhisattva]] [[Kuan Yin|Guānyīn]] to search [[Tang dynasty|Táng]] China for someone to bring the Buddhist sutras of "t
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  • {{Infobox musical artist |Genre = [[Rock music|Rock]], [[Hard rock]], [[Folk rock]], [[Blues]]
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  • In 1938, Warner Bros. put him in a "[[hillbilly]] musical" called ''Swing Your Lady'' as a wrestling promoter; he later apparently *''[[Beat the devil|Beat the Devil]]'' (1954)
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  • "personal problems" and began to listen to various radio ministers in a search for answers. This is how he first came to listen to ''The World Tomorrow'' ...g]]. The USSR team won the match (20.5-19.5), but on second board, Fischer beat [[Tigran Petrosian]], whom [[Boris Spassky]] had dethroned as [[World Chess
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  • {{Infobox musical artist |Occupation = [[Composer]], [[Conductor (music)|Conductor]]
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  • {{Infobox musical artist |Occupation = [[Composer]], [[Conductor (music)|Conductor]], [[Violin|Violinist]], [[Piano|Pianist]]
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  • ... of [[Jack Kerouac]], Neal Cassady, and [[William S. Burroughs]]. Like the beat writers, Bukowski's work is a testament to the painful struggle to find mea work. John Martin, who started Black Sparrow Press, visited Bukowski in search of material for his publication. A nonchalant Bukowski invited him in, offe
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  • ...ed from divination paraphernalia.<ref> Shirakawa Masayoshi, ''A Journey In Search of the Origins of Go,'' Yutopian Enterprises (August 20, 2005) ISBN 1889554 ...d. Li Gang, a research fellow with the Shaanxi Provincial Archaeological Research Institute, said that this board might have been made from a floor tile, and
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