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  • ...> In 1981, the poliovirus genome was published by two different teams of researchers: by [[Vincent Racaniello]] and [[David Baltimore]] at [[Massachusetts In In 2002, researchers at [[SUNY Stony Brook]] succeeded in synthesizing poliovirus from its ch
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  • ...he active molecule becomes concentrated in tissues of interest; then the research subject or patient is placed in the imaging scanner. The molecule most comm ...writing there are already dozens in clinical use and hundreds applied in research. Due to the short half lives of most radioisotopes, the radiotracers must b
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  • ... ones; it is compatible with [[full employment]]. (It is sometimes called "search unemployment" and is seen as largely voluntary.) It arises because either e ...s a small percentage of the unemployment, however, since workers can often search for new jobs while employed—and employers can seek new employees befo
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  • ...otect against certain [[cancer]]s, and promote skin health, with diverse research findings. The other R, R, R tocopherol vitamins are slowly being recognized as research begins to elucidate their additional roles in the human body. Many naturopa
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  • ...'' were all made in color. The films of the first group can all be said to search for or suggest transcendence, grace abounding, the discovery of meaning and
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  • ...gnal when it is being transmitted over long distances. This is to combat [[attenuation]] that can render the signal indistinguishable from [[noise]].<ref name="gl ...4ggP_6bHTDQ&sig=__RpZ0L0hbqjtzZfVWEAMZVhduDBw=&sig2=dzK2J3-3WNRc0o63DXwciQ#search=%22semaphore%201880%20Sweden%22 “CCIT/ITU-T 50 Years of Excellence,”] I
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  • ...fect on four Mumps virus strains cultured in [[Vero cell]]s. Additional research improved the synthesis of a particular isomer, RMNPA, of TJ13025 from the r ...vention (CDC). 2006. [ Mumps epidemic: Iowa 2006]. ''Mor
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  • ...t the [[Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory]] and the [[High-z Supernova Search Team]] suggested that the expansion of the [[universe]] is [[Deceleration p High-Z supernova search team.] Retrieved December 1, 2007.
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  • ...tor's prison]]) and turned to writing to support herself.<ref>"[ Behn, Aphra]" in ''Encyclopædia Britannica'' (20 ...and thunder and lightning machines.<ref name=EBWesternTheatre>"[ Western theatre]" in ''Encyclopædia Britannica'' (
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  • During [[World War I]], with the need to detect [[submarine]]s, more research into the use of sound was undertaken. The British made early use of underwa In 1916, under the British Board of Invention and Research, Canadian physicist Robert Boyle took on the active sonar project with [[Al
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  • ...h century: D. Harper, [ "Physical,"] ''Online Etymology Dictionary'' (2010). Retrieved Jan ...nd J. Welsh, ''Hunger Proof Cities'' (Ottawa: 'International Development Research Centre, 1999). ISBN 0889368821. Retrieved January 23, 2011, which takes glo
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  • ... Godfried Ungerboek from IBM applied powerful channel coding techniques to search for new ways to increase the speed of modems. His results were astonishing The industry was galvanized into new research and development. More powerful coding techniques were developed, commercial
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  • ...[[painting]]s were needed to fill them. The [[Counter-Reformation]] Church searched for authentic [[religious art]] with which to counter the threat of [[Pro ...iend of the artist later gave July 18 as the date of death, and a recent researcher claims to have discovered a death notice showing that the artist died on
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  • ...hat would result.<ref> Isaiah 58:3-13[]</ref> ...educed diet therapy (RDT), Fasting Therapy (FT) and caloric restriction. Research tends to originate from Russia, Japan and Germany.
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  • ...osity'' is essentual for [[Acoustics]] in fluids, see [[Stokes' law (sound attenuation)]]<ref>A.S. Dukhin, and P.J. Goetz. 2002. ''Ultrasound for characterizing c ...c viscosity is the ''poise''<ref>[ Poise]. IUPAC. Retrieved November 2, 2007.</ref> (P), n
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  • ...observatory that was launched in December 2006. It is the first mission to search for rocky worlds around other stars.
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