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  • ...salem. Rome annexes the Kingdom.~Hyrcanus II restored, reigns to 40 B.C.E.~Aristobulus II made captive in Rome. at:104 text:[[Aristobulus|Aristobulus I]], 104–103
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  • ...ed a possible pretender to the throne as Hyrcanus' grandson. A year later, Aristobulus drowned at a party, a supposed victim of drunken horseplay. With Herod unde ...doubt recalling Herod's treatment of her father (Hyrcanus II) and her son (Aristobulus) at Herod's hand, was a witness against her. Mariamne was convicted, report
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  • ...andra was the wife of the Hasmonean king [[Aristobulus|Aristobulus I]]. On Aristobulus' death (103 B.C.E.), she helped liberate his brother, [[Alexander Jannaeus] Although her son [[Aristobulus II]] reversed her policy and ultimately lost control of the kingdom to the
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  • ...e throne after the death of his brother [[Aristobulus I]] with the help of Aristobulus' widow [[Salome Alexandra]], whom Jannaeus soon married. Continuing the suc ...xtend Israel's territory farther north than since the time of [[Solomon]]. Aristobulus, thus, desired the same unchecked power which his father had enjoyed and qu
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  •]], found support among the Sadducees. The conflict between Hyrcanus and Aristobulus culminated in another civil war that ended when the [[Roman Republic|Roman] ..., and [[Herod the Great|Herod]] ruling [[Galilee]]. In 40 B.C.E., however, Aristobulus's son [[Antigonus]] overthrew Hyrcanus II and named himself both king and h
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  • ...57</ref> He is described as an "honourable counsellor, who waited (or 'was searching') for the [[Kingdom of God]]" ([[Gospel of Mark|Mark]] 15:43), and accor ...:50-55;&version=9 Luke 23:50-55], and [;&version=9 John 19:38-42].
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  • of the Jews]]. He was the grandson of [[Herod the Great]] and son of [[Aristobulus IV]] and [[Berenice (daughter of Salome)|Berenice]]. His original name was ...iness."<ref>[ Agrippa I] ''Jewish Encyclopedia''. Retrieved May 6, 2008.</ref
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  • ...eath. <ref>[ Antiochus IV]. ''''. Retrieved Aug ...smonean Jewish Kingdom comes to an end due to rivalry between the brothers Aristobulus II and Hyrcanus II, both of whom appeal to the [[Roman Republic]] to interv
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