Sun Yat-sen

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Comment by Michael Shea on January 29th, 2009 at 12:50 am

I would like to understand your index methodology.
For example, in the index you list Sun Myung Moon as Sun Myung Moon, not Moon, Sun Myung.
Might I asume then, that Sun is the surname? With your next entry, Sun Yat-sen where “Sun” IS the surname, though in the west we commonly refer to the previous Chinese leader as “Sun Yat-sen” (even though in the western naming convention, he would be more correctly refered to as “Yat-sen Sun”.)

Please take more care in distinguishing between proper etiqette vs common usage – especially in your indexing. You are, after-all, an encyclopedia, not a street rag.

Moon, Sun Myung
Sun, Yat-sen

Thank you

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