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Comment by ole hjordt-vetlesen on April 25th, 2018 at 3:18 pm

In your article “Scandinavia” there is much good information. However, the first paragraph is unfortunate: “Scandinavia is a historical and geographical region centered on the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe and included the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.” What will “centered” mean ? The centre would be in the sea of Kattegat, between the three countries. I am glad that you keep distinct “Scandinavia” and the “Scandinavian peninsular” (which many people mix up.) But that first paragraph is not sufficiently clear; better and simpler would be to start like this: “Scandinavia is a historical and cultural region consisting of the three countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden.” (And why “included” in the past ?)
The third paragraph: “As a cultural and historical concept, Scandinavia can include Finland as well (of the larger region Fenno-Scandinavia),…” is also confusing; you must talk of “Scandinavia” or of “Fenno-Scandinavia”, not both. And Finland is NOT part of Scandinavia. That Finland is part of Scandinavia is a misunderstanding, unfortunately not unknown in the Anglo-Saxon world. Finland is not Scandinavia, just as Canada is not USA; the Finns do not consider themselves Scandinavians.
More information in my home page, under “Other topics / Scandinavia.
I hope you will consider this comment as a help.
Ole H-V

Comment by Jennifer Tanabe on April 26th, 2018 at 9:19 am

Thank you, Ole, for your comment. The text will be revised to avoid those confusions you pointed out. Thank you again for taking the time to help make NWE a valuable information resource.

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