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Comment by Costel Apetri on October 17th, 2009 at 7:50 pm

The Romanians never killed the Jews. You can’t judge a county after few crimes of few Gouvernment leaders under the German pressure in Bucharest. If you study the existing documents on the National Archives in Bucharest you’ll see that full jews comunities found protection in Hungary and north of Romania. I am jew, and I grew in Romania with all my family before to leave the country during Ceausescu Era. For example in Bacau and Iasi many of my friends families are still there. Why? When a country is hostile you’ll see jews leaving in mass as was happend after 1980. Do somebody know an jews exodus from Romania other from the Ceausescu Era? I am currios how many Jews can claim family members killed durring General Antonescu time in Romania? Romanian people were never fascists in truth sense. Why today 30% of Romanian businesses are owned by Jews?

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