Rhodes Scholarship

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Comment by Dave Watts on October 8th, 2009 at 2:47 am

There were two pre-will scholarships issued in 1902. I refer you to “The Diocesan College”, first printed in 1950 by Cape Time Printers, Cape Town. This book celebrates the centenary of The Diocesan College, Rondebosch, Cape Town. I have a copy in my posession. I believe it is now out of print.
I refer you to page 40, second paragraph which reads:
“On 20 February 1902 the result of this, the first Rhodes’ Scholarship, was announced. The marks (maximum 200) were:
Yeoman 180
Reid 172
Howe-Browne 151
Stanford 121

Six days earlier Mr Rhodes had written to the Principal:
Dear Mr Jenkins; – If two of the boys are very close, please understand it is within your discretion to apportion the Scholarship, with the approval of the parents of the boys: but only in cases where the parents can afford to assist, for you must not starve your successful candidate at Oxford.
I have added 50 Pounds to the Scholarship.
Yours, C. J. Rhodes

The “Reid” referred to above is Frank Reid who is a Great Uncle on my mothers side. The book mentioned above belonged to my Aunt who did a lot of secretarial work for him during the years he was Secretary of the “Old Diocesans Union” (O.D.). He was appointed to this post in 1908 and only retired from the office in 1953 to look after his invalid sister. He had never married. He read Law at Oxford, graduated and was later called to the bar. He returned to Cape Town and worked for a short while at the family firm of “H. Reid & Nephew” before taking silk and opening his own practice.
He was Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Cape Town from 1923 until his death in 1963.
Frank Reid was the second youngest son of John Andrew Reid of Newlands and the Great Grandson of Sir Thomas Maclear, Astronomer Royal at the Cape From 1834 to 1875. Born 20 April 1885: Died 26 February 1963.

To give a true and correct history of the Rhodes Scholarships I believe that the two precursor Experimental Scholarships need at least a mention. The very brief history I have given is just that. There is much, much more to him. Regrettably the new Bishops website does not even mention him but the main Cricket Oval at the School is named after him

Comment by Jennifer Tanabe on October 8th, 2009 at 10:12 am

Thank you for your feedback containing valuable information. I have added a brief mention of the experimental scholarship program to the article. Thank you again for your support of New World Encyclopedia.

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