Tesla, Nikola

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Comment by Srdjan on June 13th, 2011 at 12:39 pm

Tesla was not an atheist.
Here are some quotations that confirm that.

“I am certain that the entire cosmos is unified,both in material and in spiritual terms.There is a core of the universe from where we get all the power, all the inspiration, it attracts us eternally, I feel its power and values that it broadcasts throughout the universe and with that, it is keeping it in harmony. I haven’t penetrated the secret of that core, but I know that it exists and when I want to attach it some material attribute, then I think of it as light, and when I try to understand it spiritually, then it is beauty and compassion. The one who carries in him that faith, he feels strong, work makes him joy, because he feels himself as a tone in the ever present harmony.“

“Every man has to consider his body as a gift of immeasurable value of the One whom he loves above all, the magnificent work of art of indescribable beauty, and skill that is beyond the human power of understanding,and so delicate and gentle that one word, breath, look or thought can only hurt it”.

In considering further the problems of humanity, Tesla came to the following conclusion: “We see three ways to the possible solution of a big problem of the increasing human energy, the answer is given by three words: food, peace and work. Many, many years, I brood and think,losing myself in speculation and theories, until I reached to this solutions, I then realized that, I had been taught about them in early child hood. These three words are the basic tone of the Christian religion. Now I understand their scientific food meaning and purpose:to increase mass, peace to reduce the slowing force and work to increase the force that accelerates human movement. These are only three possible solutions to large problems, and they all have one subject, one goal – to increase human energy.
When we notice this,we can and not be marveled how wise andscientific and how immensely practical Christian religion is, and howimportant it is contrasted with other religions.
Obviously, it is the result of a practical experiment and scientificobservation, which was deepened over the centuries, while otherreligions seem only occurred as a result of abstract considerations.Work, untiring effort, useful and accumulative, with periods of rest forgreater efficiency was always His main commandment repeated.
So we are, inspired by Christianity and science, able to do the most we can for the benefit of mankind. ”
“I was completely exhausted from pain and long wake, and one night they took me to a building two blocks from our house. As I was lying there helpless, I thought that my mother has died, while I was far away from her bed, she would surely send me a sign… I thought that now are the most favorable opportunities for understanding the enigma of the afterlife, because my mother was genius and particularly unparalleled in the strong intuition. All night every nerve in my brain was tense in anticipation, but nothing happened until early morning, when I fell asleep or maybe passed out and saw a cloud of angelic figures with amazing beauty and one of them was looking at me with much love, and it gradually took on the appearance of my mother. Vision was slowly hovering through the room and vanished, and I was waken by incredibly loving song sung by many voices. At this point, I was sure, I do not know how, that my mother died just then. And it was true. ”

Nikola Tesla was born on 10 July 1856. in the parish house of the Orthodox Church of St. Peter and Paul in the village of Smiljan in Lika, where his father, Archpriest Milutin, served in those years. He was baptized on the very next day. He spent his childhood in the church and the churchyard, and often helped his father in the performing of the church service. Serbian heroic folk songs, he had heard from gusle player who visited the house of his father, forever to him remained dearest. When Milutin was transferred with his service in Gospic, Nikola continued his studies there. Later he often recalled the various events and incidentsthat he had as a boy when powering large church bells church of St. George, in the vicinity and lived. Large secondary school attended by the 1870th to 1873rd in Karlovac, where he was remembered by classmates by being a quite withdrawn and „we could only meet him on Sunday at church, “as testifies Moses Mojo Medic.

sculptor Mestrovic, where Tesla thirties of last century, telling: “I do not pray as before, every night on my knees, but all of it is essentially thesame. ”

“The gift of mental power comes from God, the exalted being, and if you concentrate the mind on this truth, we begin to live according tothis powerful force. Mother taught me to seek all truth in the Bible, so I dedicated the next few months studying of this work. “said Tesla. He never explained to others what is actually found in the book of Revelation, but since 1892. onwards he became fascinated by the forces of nature that will lead to major discoveries!

Comment by Jennifer Tanabe on September 29th, 2014 at 7:03 pm

Thank you, Srdjan, for your feedback. Indeed, Tesla was not actually an atheist and that term has been removed from the article. The text was trying to say that he was not a traditional Christian. It is undeniable that he had spiritual experiences and believed in power beyond the physical world. Yet his belief was also that all things have an explanation, and that the scientific method is they way to uncover truth.

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