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Comment by a. dal on July 23rd, 2010 at 10:30 pm

Sage Kapila was born before the Mahabharata War.

* 3138 BC – Mahabharata War: The date has been determined by Indian scholars based on MahaRishi Veda Vyasa’s description of the positions of the Sun, Moon, Rahu, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus at the time of the MahaBharata war. Vysa Also describes the planetary positions and the winter solstice at the time of Bheeshma’s death, a few days after the war. An inscription dated 634 AD at a Jain temple in Aihole, Karnataka states that the temple was built after 3735 years ( Saka era ) had passed since the Bharata war. Tilak and other scholars have computed the traditional period of the Mahabharata war to be 3100 BC based on vedanga Jyothishya calculations.

Sage Kapila is referred in the Mahabharata. Budha was born in 560 BC. Because the British made a mess of Indian history, Budha, was born in may, 560 BC.

It appears that Budha became familiar with sage Kapila’s philosophy when he was roaming India before he attained enlightenment.


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