Filial piety

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Comment by Songtao Chiang on June 4th, 2011 at 8:12 am

You are incorrect about filial piety and Buddhism if you refer to Mahayana Buddhism. Filial piety is, in fact, the first requirement for Buddhists, monks and lay-people, which was the main reason Mahayana Buddhism was quickly embraced by China, and spread all over East Asia. In one sutra that I have read, “觀無量壽經” (sorry, I do not know the Indian name; it is one of the three Pure Land sutras which Sakyamuni has devoted to Amitabha), Buddha speaks of “淨業三福”, the three pure virtues that all Buddhas have cultivated. The first virtue says, “孝養父母, 奉事師長, 慈心不殺, 修十善業”. There is another sutra that is considered Buddhism 孝經 (xiaojing), which is “地藏菩薩本願經” (Earth-Store Bodhisattva). If you would read those sutras (there might be translations on websites, perhaps,, and if you agree, I hope you could revise what you have written. Thank you. Stchiang.

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