Garcia Lorca, Federico

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Comment by John DUVAL on April 9th, 2021 at 10:51 am

Another note:
I’m entering information about Lorca’s death which I learned through my father, Juan Duval’s notes and contemporaneously published articles. My father’s best friend was Federico Garcia Lorca. I don’t the first date that they met, but it was long before they vacationed together in France in July 1936. They met in Lyon after world tours of their work, my father’s Musical “Gypsy Shadows” and Lorca’s last showing of his play “Bernarda Alba” in New York City. They were in Bordeaux when they learned about a military coup in Spain. Lorca received news that a friend of his was arrested and Lorca wanted to enter Spain. My father unsuccessfully tried to dissuade Lorca from entering Spain at this time. Juan Duval quotes Lorca as saying, “what can they do to me”. My father entered Spain via mountain roads over the Pyrenees to his hometown Barcelona. He was arrested and the Guardia Civil took his passport and was ordered to report to them every four hours. Juan Duval escaped Spain using another passport after learning of Lorca’s death. Franco had nothing to do with Lorca’s death. Franco was not yet in power at the time of Lorca’s death. Juan Duval published an article mentioning who murdered Lorca and the reason he was murdered. However, the Franco regime was responsible for murdering my father’s family, his parents and two sisters who were nuns.
The Hollywood Reporter is publishing an article on April 21, 2021 about the controversy of a screenplay my father, Juan Duval wrote, which was the basis of the 1956 movie, The Brave One, which won an Oscar for Best Original Story. Dalton Trumbo lied about being the original author. The Academy gave the Oscar to Trumbo twenty years later.

Comment by Jennifer Tanabe on April 13th, 2021 at 4:30 pm

Thank you, John, for your comment. I will revise the text based on your information.
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