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Comment by Mahesh Mendis on June 26th, 2010 at 5:57 am

Dear Sir/Madam,


I am M.B.Mendis, who is reading Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Management of Technology in University of Mortuwa in Sri Lanka. For my research paper I have chosen Technology Issues in Coconut Industry. As such it is an indeed requirements for me to bench mark a country, (where having large scale of plantation, processing and Marketing in Coconut industry globally) and need to identify following information fulfill my Master Research Paper:

Country bench marked: Philippines

Information required -:
• History of Philippines Coconut industry

• Industry growth pattern in last few decades and justifications behind the industry changes

• Domestic consumption behaviour and pattern (Philippines)

• Coconut Plantation spread in the country (Philippines) and harvesting activities

• Process and manufacturing activities use in the industry with the support of latest technological applications for the purpose of improving the productivity.

• Types of Marketing (E.g.: value added products) & promotional activities (E.g.: participating trade exhibitions) being use in the international market.

• Other than the above any other latest technogical applications that is being used successfully to improve the effectiveness & efficiency of the industry.

• Success rates of those technological applications (coconut industry) and the rational behind the success.

I would greatly appreciate if you could support me for the knowledge that you have (by providing suitable & justifiable answers for the above) or by informing of the place or locations (through web) to capture the relevant information.

The information is using purely on academic purpose

If you are not aware of the answers for all the questions, it’s perfectly alright if you could assist me in what ever the questions that you could answer. At least providing minimum amount of information to complete my research as early possible in a successful manner.

Once I complete my research successfully, I could be able to submit my findings and outcome to you for your future references according to your wish.

Waiting favorable reply as early as possible with regard to the above request for not only completing my research paper but also providing substantial support to the industry through my research paper.

Best Regards!

Mahesh Mendis

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