Bubonic plague

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Comment by Tina on July 6th, 2012 at 12:54 am

Doctor Haffkin never was a Indian doctor. He was born in Odessa Russian Empire. He graduated from Novorossiisky University and in 1968 immigrated to Switzerland and later to France. He worked in Paster’s Institute where he tried to create vaccine against Cholera. He did. He went to India and used this vaccine. The thousands of people survived because of this vaccine. In India (in Bombay)he started to work on creating vaccine against plague. And again he did it. Vaccine was produced. In 1925 the university in India was named after him – Haffkin Institute.
Dr. Haffkin never made any antibiotic.

Dr. Aleksandr Fleming is a pioneer who discovered antibacterial properties of mold .He wrote the paper about this finding but nobody has been interested. Only 12 years later , in 1940, two scientists were researching promising projects in bacteriology that could possibly be enhanced or continued with chemistry. Howard Florey and Ernst Chain began working with penicillin. Using new chemical techniques, they were able to produce a brown powder that kept its antibacterial power for longer than a few days. They experimented with the powder and found it to be safe.

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