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Comment by Skupa on May 26th, 2012 at 10:47 am

Dear editors of the encyclopedia,

I would like to notify you about stupid errors in the names of the authors in the reference section. It seems that your system is somehow unable to properly cope with texts with diacritics.

It results in outrageously mistreated names of the referenced authors.

First author’s name definitively is not Petráek, J. – his name is Petrášek (Jan),that can be written for your convenience possibly as Petrasek (if it must be without diacritics). The ninth author’s name is not Kube its KubeÅ¡ (possibly Kubes) the next is not Ovanová – the lady’s name is ÄŒovanová possibly Covanova and so on for other authors.

With the above shown misspells – no one would be able to find the referenced work.

While it is in my opinion quite a shame, for this century to not use some proper, normal international coding (like UTF-8) for your website (- that would just solve it all completely for you) I might suggest you to repair the situation by replacing the misstreated names by their version without diacritics – as I have shown you above.

With Best Wishes

Petr Skůpa

Comment by Rick Swarts on May 26th, 2012 at 5:46 pm

We deeply appreciate this feedback. Actually, our system as now configured does allow those names to be correctly presented, and we have made corrections to all of the names in this article. We will stay astute for such problems in other articles.

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