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Comment by Randy Pavlovsky on May 1st, 2009 at 8:43 am

It is a very questionable practice to associate the success of a state and a welcoming attitude toward Jews. What about a very powerfull Hazaar Empire in Easter Europe and Central Asia? Hazaar’s demise happened soon after they brought in the Jews and started converting to judaism. The Ottoman Empire had a very tolerant attitude toward the Jews and after they replaced the Armenians in the Turkish financial and power circles, the Ottoman Empire fell apart. England and France who expelled the Jews in the MIddle Ages Became World Powers; Germany did not and arrived to a profound cirsis resulting in a Nazi regime. Russian Empire fell apart as a result of a communist revolution based on the ideas of Karl Marx, who was a jew, and the 90% of Russian Bolchevik elite were also Jewish, that experiment had a very sour end and costed Russia almost a One hundred million of lives. On the other hand the Arabs, who created a powerfull civilization with advanced natural sciences, math and medicine, and welcomed the Jews expelled from Spain at the end of the 15th century only continued to degenerate and were rewarded by the Zionists with the current crisis and the war in the Middle East. All humans have a natural tendency to fight for freedom on the one hand and for domination on the other, and the Jews are no different from other people in that regard. It is highly speculative to link Jews in general and progress/happiness of all nations because the history proves otherwise. On the other hand this affirmation tends to elevate the Jews as an exclusive and superior people overall and therefors prmotes a racist idea of biological determinism. Such affirmations in the present time are the real cause of anti-semitism, which is a natural response of non-Jews to what is perceived as Jewish domination or Jewish superiority.

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