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Comment by Gerard Roberts on August 3rd, 2009 at 10:00 am


I have heard the story many times about an interviewer who asked Father “if Jesus had spoken to him in Korean” and Reverend Moon replied, “Yes, but with a slight Hebrew accent!”

But this response from Rev Moon is not on the recording your article cites at

At 1min10s, Capp asked ”did Jesus speak a good Korean? Or did he have a Hebrew accent?” Father had a good laugh but didn’t agree and explained the communication was “mind to mind, heart to heart”.

Maybe you could mention the exchange about Father’s messianic mission at 2mins35secs: David Kim: “He never claimed himself he is the Messiah, maybe you probably received this spiritually” (audience laughs). Capp: “I like humorous messiahs myself”.

Gerard Roberts

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