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Comment by Stephen Steiner on March 5th, 2009 at 5:26 pm


The article on aerogel contains several errors.
– Aerogel is not a proper noun and should not be specially capitalized.
– Aerogel was invented by Samuel Stephens Kistler–the name Steven Kistler is incorrect.
– The description of the production of silica aerogel mentions the production of a “hydrogel” but describes the alkoxide-based synthesis, which produces an “alcogel”–a hydrogen is produced from water, where the alkoxide method is alcohol-based.
– The paragraph on chalcogels mentions platinum is a chalcogen–it is not. Chalcogels, or as they are properly called, metal chalcogenide aerogels, are made of nanoparticles that are a combination of a metal and a chalcogen, which includes sulfur, selenium, and tellurium.
– Aerogels, as the article describes, are a class of materials, and so saying things like “its high surface area” (referring to “aerogel”) is really not meaningful. Such statements should be rephrased as “The high surface area of some aerogels”.
– Resorcinol-formaldehyde aerogels are not high-density materials. They are very low-density materials, comparable to other aerogels.
– Consider rewriting: “Dunlop tennis has recently incorporated Aerogel into the mold of its new series of racquets. Dunlop have also used it in squash racquets.” as “Dunlop Tennis has recently incorporated silica aerogel into its new series of racquets. Dunlop has also used it in squash racquets.”
– The article should really clarify when it is referring to applications of “aerogel” whether or not aerogel refers to silica aerogel or all aerogels.

Thank You,
Stephen Steiner

Comment by Chris Avery on October 11th, 2012 at 7:02 am

Reference 14 contains a broken link to our old website url showing the use of aerogel in squash rackets. We now have a new site and the link should actually be updated to: This shows the Aerogel Pro GT squash racket that unsurprisingly features aerogel technology.


Chris Avery

Comment by Jennifer Tanabe on October 11th, 2012 at 8:52 am

Thank you Chris for your comment. The link has been updated to your new site.

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