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From Middle English wedding, weddynge, from Old English weddung (betrothal, espousal), equivalent to wed + -ing. Cognate with Middle Dutch weddinghe.


wedding (plural weddings)

  1. Marriage ceremony; ritual officially celebrating the beginning of a marriage.
    Her announcement was quite a surprise, coming a month after she published the words "I hate weddings with a passion and a fury I can only partially explain rationally."
  2. Joining of two or more parts.
    The wedding of our three companies took place last week.

Usage notes

This word is also the present participle of the verb wed.

Derived terms

  • double wedding
  • Italian wedding soup
  • red wedding
  • wedding band
  • wedding bells
  • wedding breakfast
  • wedding cake
  • wedding card
  • wedding day
  • wedding dress
  • wedding gift
  • wedding gown
  • wedding march
  • wedding night
  • wedding party
  • wedding planner
  • wedding present
  • wedding reception
  • wedding registry
  • wedding ring
  • wedding shower
  • wedding song
  • wedding soup
  • wedding vow
  • white wedding


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