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Jennifer Tanabe, Ph.D.,
Social sciences editor

Jennifer Tanabe is New World Encyclopedia's Social Sciences editor. Dr. Tanabe obtained both her Bachelors (1974) and Doctoral (1978) degrees from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Her doctoral work was in Developmental Psychology. She was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Minnesota's Institute of Child Development in 1978-1979. She has taught graduate level courses in Cognitive, Moral, Religious and Social Development, Unification Philosophy, Television Ministry, and Research Methods.

Dr. Tanabe currently works as a freelance educational consultant, editor, and writer. Her recent work includes serving as an educational consultant for Outcomes Assessment for HJ International Graduate School. Her publications include Contemplating Unification Thought, The Ideal Family to Be or Not to Be: Testimonies of a Life of Faith, Let Us Work Together for Good: David S.C. Kim's Life of Service to God, The Words of David S.C. Kim: Let Us Learn from the Past, Reflections on Unification Theology: Revealing the World of Heart and Eternal Life in the Spirit World (co-authored with Dietrich F. Seidel), The Crucial Challenge for International Aid: Making the Donor-Recipient Relationship Work to Prevent Catastrophe (co-authored with Mirek Karasek), and The Quest to Pass on Our Religious Tradition to the Next Generation (co-authored with Rollain Muanda). Her website contains further information regarding her work and publications.

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