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From Middle English talent, from Old English talente, borrowed from the plural of Latin talentum (a Grecian weight; a talent of money), from Ancient Greek τάλαντον or tálanton (balance, a particular weight, especially of gold, sum of money, a talent). Compare Old High German talenta (talent). Later figurative senses are from Old French talent (talent, will, inclination, desire), derived from the biblical Parable of the Talents.


talent (plural talents)

  1. A marked natural ability or skill.
    He has a real talent for music.
  2. (historical) A unit of weight and money used in ancient times in Greece, the Roman Empire, and the Middle East, equal to about 30 to 60 kg in various times and places.
  3. (business, media, sports) People of talent, viewed collectively; a talented person.
    The director searched their talent pool to fill the new opening.

Derived terms

  • talent community
  • talent contest
  • talent management
  • talent scout
  • talent show
  • talent-spotter
  • talent-spotting
  • voice talent


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