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Borrowed from Middle French navigation, from Latin nāvigātiōnem, accusative singular of nāvigātiō (sailing, navigation), from nāvigātus, perfect passive participle of nāvigō (sail). Morphologically navigate + -ion


navigation (usually uncountable, plural navigations)

  1. (uncountable) The theory, practice and technology of charting a course for a ship, aircraft or spaceship or (colloquially) road vehicle.
    An ocean-going yachtsman must be competent at night navigation
  2. (uncountable) Traffic or travel by vessel, especially commercial shipping.
  3. (uncountable) A canal.

Derived terms

  • air navigation
  • breadcrumb navigation
  • celestial navigation
  • circumnavigation
  • grid navigation
  • inland navigation
  • internal navigation
  • navigation bar
  • satellite navigation
  • space navigation


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