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Circa 1610, corruption of earlier mangrow by folk etymology influence of grove, from Portuguese mangue, from Spanish mangle (or directly from Spanish), from a Caribbean language, possibly Taíno, another Arawakan language, or a Cariban language.


mangrove (plural mangroves)

  1. Any of various tropical evergreen trees or shrubs that grow in intertidal coastal brackish waters.
  2. A habitat with such plants; mangrove forest; mangrove swamp; mangal.
  3. Any of various plants of the Rhizophoraceae family.
  4. Any of various trees of the genus Rhizophora.

Derived terms

  • American mangrove
  • apple mangrove
  • Asiatic mangrove
  • black mangrove
  • Burmese mangrove
  • button mangrove
  • cannonball mangrove
  • cedar mangrove
  • club mangrove
  • freshwater mangrove
  • gray mangrove
  • holly mangrove
  • mangroveberry
  • mangrove black hawk
  • mangrove cuckoo
  • mangrove heron
  • mangrove-holly
  • mangrove rail
  • mangrove robin
  • mangrovevine
  • red mangrove
  • river mangrove
  • spurred mangrove
  • star mangrove
  • tulip mangrove
  • white mangrove (Laguncularia racemosa, Avicennia marina)


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