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From Middle French liturgie, from Latin liturgia, from Ancient Greek λειτουργία or leitourgía, from λειτ- or leit-, from λαός or laós (people) + -ουργός or -ourgós, from ἔργον or érgon (work) (the public work of the people done on behalf of the people).


liturgy (countable and uncountable, plural liturgies)

  1. A predetermined or prescribed set of rituals that are performed, usually by a religion.
  2. An official worship service of the Christian church.
  3. (historical) In Ancient Greece, a form of personal service to the state.

Derived terms

  • aliturgic
  • liturgic
  • liturgical
  • liturgics
  • liturgiologist
  • liturgiology
  • liturgism
  • liturgist
  • liturgistic
  • liturgistical
  • Liturgy of the Hours

Related terms

  • lay
  • laity


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