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From Korean 한글 or han'geul (Korean script).


Hangul (uncountable)

  1. The phonetic alphabet used to write the Korean language.

Usage notes

The spelling Hangeul/hangeul is from the Korean spelling in the 1959-SK transcription and the 2000 South Korean Revised transcription. Hangul derives from the older McCune-Reischauer transcription hangŭl written without the diacritics: it is the more common English spelling. Within certain publications such as the English Wiktionary, hangeul is preferred. 한글 or han'geul is the official name in South Korea, and 조선(朝鮮)글 or joseon'geul is the official name in North Korea; hence, scholars may prefer to use Hangeul in reference to South Korea, and Chosongul in reference to North Korea.


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