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From Middle English price (price, prize, value, excellence), borrowed from Old French pris, preis, from Latin pretium (worth, price, money spent, wages, reward); compare praise, precious, appraise, appreciate, depreciate, etc.


price (plural prices)

  1. The cost required to gain possession of something.
    What is the price of this chocolate bar?
  2. The cost of an action or deed.
    I paid a high price for my mistake.
  3. Value; estimation; excellence; worth.

Derived terms

  • asking price
  • bidding price
  • bid price
  • cover price
  • fixed price
  • full price
  • half-price
  • list price
  • market price
  • natural price
  • price ceiling
  • price-conscious
  • price control
  • price cut
  • price fixing
  • price floor
  • price gouge
  • price gouging
  • price point
  • price range
  • price signal
  • price stability
  • price tag
  • pricy
  • purchase price
  • retail price
  • sale price
  • selling price
  • spot price
  • starting price
  • stock price
  • unit price


price (third-person singular simple present prices, present participle pricing, simple past and past participle priced)

  1. To determine the monetary value of (an item); to put a price on.

Derived terms

  • budget-priced


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