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From Middle English heiȝwai, heiȝwei, from Old English hēahweġ (main road, highway), corresponding to high + way. Cognate with Scots heaway, heway, hieway, hichway, heichway (highway).


highway (plural highways)

  1. A main public road, especially a multi-lane, high-speed thoroughfare.
  2. A way; a path that leads to a certain destiny.
    You're on a highway to greatness.
  3. (law, rail transport) Any public road for vehicular traffic.
  4. (computing) Synonym of bus ‎(“common connection for two or more circuits or components”‎)

Derived terms

  • controlled-access highway
  • divided highway
  • highwayman
  • highway patrol


highway (third-person singular simple present highways, present participle highwaying, simple past and past participle highwayed)

  1. To travel on a highway


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