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From Middle English eleccioun, eleccion, from Anglo-Norman eleccioun, from Latin ēlectiōn-, stem of ēlectiō (choice, selection), from ēligō (I pluck out, I choose). Equivalent to elect + -ion.


election (countable and uncountable, plural elections)

  1. A process of choosing a leader, members of parliament, councillors or other representatives by popular vote.
    The parliamentary elections will be held in March.
    How did you vote in the last election?
  2. The choice of a leader or representative by popular vote.
    The election of John Smith was due to his broad appeal.
  3. An option that is selected.
  4. (theology) In Calvinism, God's predestination of saints including all of the elect.

Derived terms

  • by-election
  • direct election
  • e-election
  • election campaign
  • electioneer
  • electioneering
  • election night
  • election threshold
  • general election
  • indirect election
  • midterm election
  • pre-election
  • primary election
  • pseudo-election
  • re-election
  • snap election
  • special election
  • unconditional election
  • wave election

Related terms

  • elect
  • election theft
  • elective
  • elector
  • electoral
  • electorate


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