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From bill, from Middle English bille, from Anglo-Norman bille, from Old French bulle, from Medieval Latin bulla (“seal", "sealed document”) +‎ board, from Middle English bord, from Old English bord, from Proto-West Germanic *bord, from Proto-Germanic *burdą (“board; plank; table”).


billboard (plural billboards)

  1. A very large outdoor sign, generally used for advertising.
    We paid a signage company to make a billboard for our organization, and everyone in the town square saw it.
  2. (nautical) A piece of thick plank, armed with iron plates, and fixed on the bow or fore-channels of a vessel, for the bill or fluke of the anchor to rest on.
  3. (computer graphics) A sprite that always faces the screen, no matter which direction it is looked at from.

Derived terms

  • billboarded
  • billboardesque
  • billboarding
  • billboard antenna


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