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From Middle English ascencioun, from Old French ascension, from Latin ascēnsiō, ascēnsiōnem (ascent).


ascension (countable and uncountable, plural ascensions)

  1. The act of ascending; the act of moving upward; an ascent.
    The ascension of the hot-air balloon gave us a better view.
  2. A transcendence of the material world; a transition to a higher form, state, or plane of existence.
  3. That which rises, as from distillation.

Derived terms

  • oblique ascension
  • right ascension

Related terms

  • ascend
  • descension

Proper noun


  1. (religion) Entry into heaven while still alive.
  2. (Christianity) The believed entry of Jesus Christ into heaven after his resurrection.
  3. (Christianity) A holiday celebrating the Ascension of Jesus, 40 days after Easter.


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