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From Middle French architecte, from Latin architectus, from Ancient Greek ἀρχιτέκτων or arkhitéktōn (master builder), from ἀρχι- or arkhi-, (chief) + τέκτων or téktōn (builder).


architect (plural architects)

  1. A professional who designs buildings or other structures, or who prepares plans and superintends construction.
    Plato made the causes of things to be matter, ideas, and an efficient architect.
  2. A person who plans, devises or contrives the achievement of a desired result.
    Peisistratus was the first architect of the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Derived terms

  • business architect
  • coarchitect
  • ecoarchitect
  • microarchitect
  • naval architect
  • nonarchitect
  • software architect
  • subarchitect

Related terms


architect (third-person singular simple present architects, present participle architecting, simple past and past participle architected)

  1. To design, plan, or orchestrate.
    He architected the military coup against the government.

Derived terms

  • rearchitect


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