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  • {{redirect|Bangla|Bengali speaking people|Bengali people}} |name=Bengali
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  • .... Born in the city of [[Kolkata]] (then Calcutta), into a [[Bengali people|Bengali]] family prominent in the world of arts and letters, Ray studied at [[Pres ...[[Sukumar Ray]], Upendrakishore's son, was a pioneering [[Bengali language|Bengali]] writer of [[nonsense verse|nonsense rhyme]] and [[children's literature]
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  • | base_map_alt = Darjeeling is located at the northern tip of West Bengal, near its boundary with Sikkim. ... and Indian states of Sikkim, Orissa and Jharkhand on the north, south and west respectively. The state tapers off towards its northern end.
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  • state_name=West Bengal | ...aya) in the [[India]]n [[states and territories of India|state]] of [[West Bengal]], located at {{coor d|27.06|N|88.47|E|}} at an average [[elevation]] of 1,
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  • |type = [[Education]] and [[Research]] [[Institution]] |state = [[West Bengal]],
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  • | school_tradition = [[Bengal Renaissance]] a cultural renaissance in the Muslim community of Bengal, "liberating" Bengali poetry and literature from its medieval mould. By creating a bridge from
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  • |regional_languages=[[Assamese language|Assamese]], [[Bengali language|Bengali]], [[Bodo language|Bodo]], [[Dogri language|Dogri]], [[Gujarati language|G ... the southwest by the [[Arabian Sea]] and on the southeast by the [[Bay of Bengal]]. The [[Himalayas]] are to the north, while Kanyakumari constitutes the so
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  • | mouth_location = Bay of Bengal ...e of Uttarakhand in the central [[Himalayas]] and drains into the [[Bay of Bengal]] through its vast delta in the Sunderbans. It has enjoyed a position of re
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  • ... considered one of the innovators who introduced [[modernist poetry]] to [[Bengali Literature]], at a period when it was influenced by Rabindranath Tagore's ...999, Jibanananda Das was the most popular and the most well-read poet of [[Bengali literature]].
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  • ...orth and east, and [[Bhutan]] in the southeast. The Indian state of [[West Bengal]] borders Sikkim to its south.<ref name="Physical Feature">[http://sikkimip ...ine]]. [[Kangchenjunga]], the world's third highest peak, sits in the northwestern part of the state on the boundary with [[Nepal]], and can be seen from m
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  • ...e altitudinal variations are greater in the eastern half than those in the western half. The Himalayas consist of three parallel ranges in its longitudinal ...ow at the highest elevations. The amount of yearly rainfall increases from west to east along the front of the range. This diversity of climate, altitude,
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  • ...1961, more than three million refugees from [[East Germany]] traveled to [[West Germany]] for [[political asylum|asylum]] from the [[Soviet occupation zone ...e West Pakistani Army's [[Operation Searchlight]], more than ten million [[Bengal]]is fled to neighboring India.
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  • ...Daniel. ''Offering Flowers, Feeding Skulls Popular Goddess Worship in West Bengal.'' (Oxford University Press, 2004), 103</ref> As a goddess, Shakti seeks to<ref name="Sovatsky">Stuart Sovatsky. ''Words from the Soul: Time, East/West Spirituality, and Psychotherapeutic Narrative.'' (State University of New Y
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  • ...123704925).</ref> He is also considered the father of [[Bengali literature|Bengali]] [[science fiction]]. ... his contributions, but also for the changes they brought to India and the Western attitude toward Indian science. He was a man of strong principles, who w
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  • ...n rulers, and his kingdom, which spanned from [[Afghanistan]] in the West, Bengal in the East, the Deccan plateau in the South and [[Kashmir]] in the North, ...done commendable and untiring work in the field of oriental studies. The researches well-recorded by them are of utmost importance even today.
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  • ...a proceeded to wreak havoc over the earth and the heavens, and so the gods searched for a solution. Eventually, the [[Trimurti|trinity]] of Brahma, [[Vishnu] ...thumb|Statue of the Tantric goddess [[Kali]] from [[Dakshineswar]], [[West Bengal]], [[India]]; along with her [[Yantra]].]]
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  • music has one of the most complex and complete musical systems. Like [[Western classical music]], it divides the [[octave]] into 12 [[semitone]]s, but ...sed half-notes, resulting in a 12-note scale. Unlike the 12-note scale in Western music, the base frequency of the scale is not fixed, and intertonal gaps
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  • ...of the country's advancement. Average income of Indian Muslims ranks the lowest of all Indian's religious communities. ...of Muslims reside in the eastern states of [[Assam]] (31 percent) and West Bengal (25 percent), and in the southern state of [[Kerala]] (24.7 percent) and [[
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  • ... parts of central India, [[Sri Lanka]], [[Bangladesh]], [[Pakistan]], Southwestern [[Iran]], Southern [[Afghanistan]], and [[Nepal]]. ...6.</ref> Further, the languages spread out and cover parts of India, South Western Iran, South Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.
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  • the [[Axis Powers]]. The INA fought hard in the forests of [[Assam]], [[Bengal]] and [[Burma]], but ultimately failed owing to disrupted logistic, inadequ debated. Some historians claim that it failed.<ref> [ Banglapedia article on Quit India Movement], Asiatic S
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