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  • ...pressers." Famous Unipressers from UPI's past include journalists [[Walter Cronkite]], [[David Brinkley]], [[Howard K. Smith]], [[Eric Sevareid]], [[Helen Thom ...vices such as [[Prodigy (ISP)|Prodigy]], [[CompuServe]] and world-wide web search pioneers [[Yahoo!]] and [[Excite]].
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  • ...nter awards Murrow fellowships to mid-career professionals who engage in research at Fletcher, ranging from the impact of the "new world information order" d ...pective produced by CBS for the [[A&E Network|A&E]] program ''Biography,'' Cronkite said of Murrow, "He's the head of the parade, he's the pinnacle of the pyra
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  • ...e]], and [[Igor Stravinsky]], George Antheil became one of the pioneers in searching for alternatives to the traditional tonal system to create fresh new sou Music Division] of [ The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts] at [[Linc
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