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  • | name = Ralph Waldo Ellison '''Ralph Waldo Ellison''' (March 1, 1913 – April 16, 1994) was an African-American s
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  • ...ligence]] weeks before the expedition which warned of an impending British search, and had moved much, but not all, of the supplies to safety. They had also ..., are known as the "[[shot heard 'round the world]]," described in [[Ralph Waldo Emerson]]'s ''[[Concord Hymn]]''.
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  • ...p in the [[Unitarianism|Unitarian]] Church and became friends with [[Ralph Waldo Emerson]], subsequently being introduced to and having a pronounced effect ...ers. It was also through the Farrars that Fuller was introduced to [[Ralph Waldo Emerson]]. The two became good friends, although Emerson thought her a bit
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  • ...ellectual, novelist, essayist and critic, best known as the author of ''In Search of Lost Time'' (''À la recherche du temps perdu,'' also translated previou ...responds with the consolidation of the French Third Republic. Much of ''In Search of Lost Time'' concerns the vast changes, most particularly the decline of
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  • ...riters the world over, from [[William Shakespeare|Shakespeare]] to [[Ralph Waldo Emerson|Emerson]], from [[Friedrich Nietzsche|Nietzsche]] to [[Jean-Jacques ...gne traveled in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, partly in search of a cure. He kept a detailed journal recording various episodes and region
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  • ...suit of the patterns he found in nature continued throughout his life. His search for nature's coordinate system, and mankind's role in the universe began wh ...reau]], and was author of ''Woman in the Nineteenth Century''); his uncle, Waldo Fuller (a Harvard football player, 1883, a chief engineer on the NYC subway
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  • ...lay, his desire to see the Union preserved and conflict averted led him to search out compromises designed to stave off the sectionalism that threatened war ...Volume 5: The Reform Era and Eastern U.S. Development, 1815-1850'' (Gale Research, 1998, Student Resource Center. Thomson Gale.) </ref>
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  • ...tid/50686?&print=yes Gauss's Day of Reckoning], Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society. Retrieved March 31, 2008.</ref> ==Astronomical researches==
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  • ... Baudelaire]], [[Honore de Balzac]], [[William Butler Yeats]], and [[Ralph Waldo Emerson]]. The theologian [[Henry James, Sr.]] was also a follower of his t ... de Balzac|Balzac]], [[Jorge Luis Borges]], [[August Strindberg]], [[Ralph Waldo Emerson]] and [[Carl Jung]], just to mention a few. Other famous writers in
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  • ...[[Kant]]ian ethics and American [[transcendentalism]] developed by [[Ralph Waldo Emerson]] and [[Henry David Thoreau]]. Adler found [[ethics]] as the common ...he religion to which he was born, and the philosophies of Kant and [[Ralph Waldo Emerson]], mixed with certain [[socialist]]ic ideas of his time.
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  • ...rd "radio" (as a noun) is said to have been coined by advertising expert [[Waldo Warren]] (White, 1944) and appears in a 1907 article by [[Lee de Forest]]. ...ent broadcasts commenced in 1922, from the [[Guglielmo Marconi|Marconi]] Research Centre at Writtle, near [[Chelmsford, England]].
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  • In search of adventure, the young Melville left his native Massachusetts and joined a ...King James I|King James]]. Through the allegory of the sea, his subtle and searching mind probed the great and most enduring questions of life.
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  • As a writer, Musil proclaimed that, in his fiction, he was always searching for ''genauenheit,'' which roughly translates as "exactitude." Musil is ...and art exhibits. [[Friedrich Nietzsche]], [[Fyodor Dostoyevsky]], [[Ralph Waldo Emerson]], and [[Ernst Mach]] were particular interests during his college
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  • ...program of the State Department. [[Card catalogs]] of these libraries were searched for works by authors McCarthy deemed inappropriate. McCarthy then recited ...nered some headlines with stories of a dangerous spy ring among the Army researchers, but ultimately nothing came of this investigation.<ref>Geoffrey R. Ston
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  • ...]] who popularized the branch of philosophy known as [[pragmatism]]. His research and teachings, done mostly at [[Harvard University]], contributed greatly t ... wide array of writers and scholars throughout his life, including [[Ralph Waldo Emerson]] (James's godfather), [[Horace Greeley]], William Cullen Bryant, [
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  • In 1865, Pres. [[Abraham Lincoln]] placed her in charge of the search for the missing men of the Union army, and while engaged in this work she t ...ivil rights]]. She also shared the stage on various occasions with [[Ralph Waldo Emerson]], [[William Lloyd Garrison]], and [[Mark Twain]].
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  • ...truth in an abstract and formal way, now turned to practical philosophy in search of wisdom and understanding. His work on ethics, ''The Philosophy of Loyalt ...ed the ethical visions of [[William James]], [[Walt Whitman]], and [[Ralph Waldo Emerson]] because of their extreme individualism.
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  • ...losopher and theologian [[Henry James Sr.]], was a close friend of [[Ralph Waldo Emerson]] and, with [[Bronson Alcott]] and [[Henry David Thoreau]], was a n
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  • held almost no interest for him; he spent his time, almost obsessively, searching for the temples and structures of the ancient world, ultimately discover Goethe was also a cultural force, and by researching folk traditions, he created many of the norms for celebrating [[Christma
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  • ...avery laws was morally defensible. Stowe's solution was similar to [[Ralph Waldo Emerson]]'s: "God's will would be followed if each person sincerely examine * [ The Online Books Page (University
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