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  • ...promenade à deux." In reality, this is the male leading the female around searching for a suitable place to deposit his [[spermatophore]]. The courtship rit ...Parvorder [[Pseudochactida]] <small> [[Michael E. Soleglad|Soleglad]] et [[Victor Fet|Fet]], 2003 </small>
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  • ... Carnap]], [[Herbert Feigl]], Philipp Frank, [[Kurt Gödel]], Hans Hahn, [[Victor Kraft]], Karl Menger, Marcel Natkin, Otto Neurath, Olga Hahn-Neurath, Theod ...n their various fields of science" (''VC'' 328). From this aim follows the search for clarity, neatness, intersubjectivity, and for a neutral symbolic langua
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  • ... studies began to progress towards a more modern scientific form. In the [[Victorian era]], the debate in [[historiography]] thus was not so much whether his ...alled this the Great Year, and other Greeks called it an aeon or eon. In researching this topic, Giorgio de Santillana, the former professor of the history o
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  • ...d still stands). He earned the title of [[International Master]] with this victory, becoming the youngest player ever to achieve this level (a record since b Fischer's victory in the U.S. Championship qualified him to participate in the 1958 [[Portor
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  • ...h it. I will also throw in a set of free dishes and a case of soap.”<ref>Herbert Block, The Herblock Book (Boston: Beacon, 1952): 152</ref> ...program of the State Department. [[Card catalogs]] of these libraries were searched for works by authors McCarthy deemed inappropriate. McCarthy then recited
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  • ...909 Budget had also rearmed the Royal Navy, and so contributed to the 1918 victory. At the [[Paris Peace Conference, 1919]] Lloyd George urged moderation and ... by the [[Anglican]] clergy. It was this case, which was hailed as a great victory throughout Wales, and his writings in ''Udgorn Rhyddid'' that led to his a
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  • Burroughs was arrested after police searched his home and found letters between him and [[Allen Ginsberg]] referring t ... quickly without any narcotics because he suspected the U.S. customs would search him well upon arrival. He claims he went through the most excruciating two
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  • ...ul at it. During this period, he met the authors [[Alexandre Dumas]] and [[Victor Hugo]], who offered him some advice on his [[writing]]. ...mportant French publishers of the nineteenth century, who also published [[Victor Hugo]], [[George Sand]], and [[Erckmann-Chatrian]], among others. When they
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  • ...lban Butler, ''Lives of the Saints'', edited, revised, and supplemented by Herbert Thurston and Donald Attwater (Palm Publishers, 1956), 686.</ref><ref>S. Bar ...s brethren, and commanded them to wash his feet and diligently to seek and search for the wound. And that done, the plant of the foot of the lion was sore hu
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  • ...formed under the various revolutionary governments, to score several major victories. His campaigns are studied at military academies all over the world and ==The victorious general==
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  • ...wit, he was one of the most successful playwrights of late [[Victorian Era|Victorian]] [[London]], and one of the greatest celebrities of his day. Known for ...ugh it appears nowhere in his writings: it was coined by the philosopher [[Victor Cousin]], promoted by [[Theophile Gautier]] and brought into prominence by
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  • ...gnificant impact on Steinbeck as a social traveling companion and fellow researcher on trips to collect biological specimens. Steinbeck even based his charac ... sometimes comical, sometimes melancholic book, ''Travels with Charley: In Search of America,'' Steinbeck describes his journeys from [[Maine]] to [[Montana]
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  • ...d leaving Set the sere wastelands as his prize). As Horus was the ultimate victor he became known as ''Harsiesis'', ''Heru-ur'' or ''Har-Wer'' ({{unicode|ḥ ...nd Lower deities have a fight, through which Horus comes to be seen as the victor. Further, a physical part of Horus (representing Upper Egypt) enters into S
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  • ... 1925 he had an exclusive contract with [[Columbia Records]], returning to Victor for the remainder of the decade. ...arnings in order to avoid the [[poverty]] he knew as a child caused him to search quickly for more work, quickly building a new bank account with his highly
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  • about territory that they might control after [[World War I]], assuming victory against the [[Ottoman Empire]]. Empire]]. It was not at all clear which side would win and Britain was searching for any allies which could help to weaken [[Germany]] and the Ottomans.
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  • ..., 1814. Louis XVIII was restored, soon negotiating a peace treaty with the victorious allies at [[Treaty of Paris (1814)|Paris]] in June. ...fascist regime, backed by the army and the Heimwehr (Home Defence League), searched the headquarters of and banned the Socialist Party. Later Dollfuss abolis
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  • ...ref> Her studies at RADA did not last long, however. The same year she met Herbert Leigh Holman, a barrister who was 13 years her senior. Holman was not inter fraught with difficulties. First Cukor was fired and then replaced by [[Victor Fleming]] as the new director. The change led to several conflicts between
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  • ...d Whites in a spiral of military and political escalation. The Whites were victorious in the ensuing war. In the aftermath of the 1917–1918 crisis and the ...ncreased dramatically, a situation made worse when the latter, after their victory in the elections of October 1917, appointed a purely conservative cabinet.
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  • ...and immediately following) ''the Trojan War'' (which is regarded by some researchers as a fourth (and separate) period).<ref name="Miles35">Miles, 35.</ref> ...ith Johann Joachim Winckelmann and laid the foundations for mythological research both in Germany and elsewhere.<ref name="Graf9">F. Graf, ''Greek Mythology'
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  • ...29 brought his career as a writer of opera to a close. The libretto was by Victor Joseph, Etienne de Jouy, and Hippolyte Bis, but their version was revised b * Weinstock, Herbert. ''Rossini, a biography''. New York: A.A. Knopf, 1968. OCLC 192614
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