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  • ...s. Geologically, the Malwa Plateau generally refers to the volcanic upland south of the [[Vindhya]]s, which includes the Malwa region and extends east to in ...and east stands the [[Vindhya Range]] and to the north the [[Bundelkhand]] upland. The plateau constitutes an extension of the [[Deccan Traps]], formed betwe
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  • ...iwa]], and [[Paipai]] tribes, lived near the [[Grand Canyon]] and areas of Southern California, particularly Baja California. The languages of the Yuman tri ...ors and active traders, maintaining exchange networks with the [[Pima]] in southern Arizona and with the Pacific coast.
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  • ... and east by [[Massachusetts]], on the west by [[Connecticut]], and on the south by [[Rhode Island Sound]] and the [[Atlantic Ocean]]. It shares a [[water]] ...ography. [[Block Island]] lies approximately 12 miles (19 km) off the southern coast of the mainland. Within the Bay, there are over 30 [[island]]s. Th
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  • | length_orientation=north–south ...met Ridge,''' '''Metacomet Ridge Mountains,''' or '''Metacomet Range''' of southern [[New England]], [[United States]], is a narrow and steep [[fault-block]
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  • ...|km}} south of [[Miami, Florida|Miami]], and extend in an arc southwest by south and then westward to [[Key West, Florida|Key West]], the westernmost of the ... west, and defining one edge of [[Florida Bay]]. At the nearest point, the southern tip of Key West is just {{convert|94|mi|km}} from [[Cuba]].
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  • ...n," ''P. cancrivorus'', ranges from [[Costa Rica]] through most areas of [[South America]] east of the [[Andes]] down to northern [[Argentina]] and [[Urugua ...are considerably lesser-known. The common raccoon has a natural range from southern Canada to [[Panama]], and has been [[introduced species|introduced]] to
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  • ...Jiangxi together with Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Prefecture of southern and southwestern China. They also form one of the [[List of ethnic groups in Vietnam| ...nth centuries, agitated by the [[opium]] trade and disturbed by revolts in Southern [[China]], the Yao migrated into [[Thailand]], [[Cambodia]] and the high
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  • ...pes of peat and peat-forming terrains, ranging from wetlands or marshes to uplands covered with low-growing vegetation. Moss peat is usually formed from ''[[ ...pth) are found in ''mires,'' which are complex [[ecosystem]]s that include upland [[bog]]s and [[fen]]s (Finlayson and Moser 1991). Bogs are formed when [[pr
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  • ...d by a body with large legs, a long neck, and three-toed feet. Native to [[South America]], the rheas resemble the [[ostrich]]es of [[Africa]] and the [[emu ...eans, from a specimen from the lower [[Río Negro (Argentina)|Río Negro]] south of [[Buenos Aires]], [[Argentina]].<ref name="Davies"/><ref>Krulwich (2009)
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  •]] and [[Wyoming]], and now live on a [[Indian reservation|reservation]] south of [[Billings, Montana|Billings]], Montana. Their tribal headquarters are l ...n migration|migratory]] search for sacred [[tobacco]], finally settling in southeastern [[Montana]].<ref name=timeline/> They established themselves in the
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  • ... far northeastern corner of the country. To the south, it is bordered by [[South Korea]], with which it formed [[Korean Empire|one nation]] until the divisi ...ntly separated by the [[DMZ]] and technically still at war, both North and South Korea remain committed to reunification of the Korean peninsula. They share
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  • ...MetroArea = [[Burlington – South Burlington Metropolitan Area|Burlington-South Burlington]] ...e Champlain]] in the northwest. It is bordered by [[Massachusetts]] to the south, [[New Hampshire]] to the east, [[New York]] to the west, and the [[Canada|
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  • ...squah Hills including Eagle Mountain, the state's highest point, and other uplands along the [[Laurentian Divide]] separating the [[watershed]] of the [[Grea ...ovince between the northern boreal forest and [[deciduous]] forests to the south.<ref>Guy E. Gibbon, Craig M. Johnson, and Elizabeth Hobbes, 2000, [http://w
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  • ...] view of the Himalayas and Mount Everest as seen from space looking south-south-east from over the [[Tibetan Plateau]]. Above the Terai belt is an upland zone known as the [[Bhabhar]], with porous and rocky soils, made up of debr
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  • ...can-saw) is a [[U.S. state|state]] located in the [[Southern United States|southern region]] of the [[United States of America]]. Arkansas shares a border w ...tate Boundaries] - Retrieved December 12, 2007.</ref> Arkansas shares its southern border with [[Louisiana]], its northern border with [[Missouri]], its ea
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  • Harare is situated in the northeastern part of [[Zimbabwe]] in the uplands at an elevation of 1,483 meters (4,865 feet). .../October. The average annual rainfall is about 32.4 inches (825 mm) in the southwest rising to 33.6 inches (855 mm) on the higher land in the northeast.
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  • ...e would not expand past the [[Ebro River]], so long as Rome did not expand south of it. ...arry the war into the heart of Italy by a rapid march through Hispania and southern [[Gaul]] (France).
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  • ...] in the north, with 58 percent of the population, and the French-speaking southern region of Wallonia, inhabited by 32 percent. The Brussels-Capital Region ...etherlands and rising gradually into the Ardennes hills and forests of the southeast, on which the [[Signal de Botrange]] forms the country's highest point
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  • The north-south transportation corridor along [[Interstate Highway 5]] (I-5) stretches from ...ter River (Idaho)|Clearwater River]] (about 116°57' west), except for the southernmost section where the border follows the Snake River. To the west of Was
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  • ...4 and 16, 2002, show Banks Island (upper left) and Victoria Island (to the southeast) ... on the island is [[Sachs Harbour]], an [[Inuit|Inuvialuit]] hamlet on the southwest coast.
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