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  • ...nguished [[jazz]] musicians of the latter half of the twentieth century. A trumpeter, band leader and composer, Davis was at the forefront of almost every maj ...However, his father gave him a new trumpet and arranged lessons with local trumpeter Elwood Buchanan, who happened to be a patient of his, when he was nine. A
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  • ...f the biggest names in dance music at the time. Armstrong switched to the trumpet to blend in better with the other musicians in his section. His influence u ... "West End Blues." His recordings with Earl "Fatha" Hines and Armstrong's trumpet introduction to "West End Blues" remains some of the most famous and influe
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  • The ''shofar,'' usually translated as "trumpet," is mentioned frequently in the [[Hebrew Bible]] and throughout the [[Talm ...rom a furnace, the whole mountain trembled violently, and the sound of the trumpet grew louder and louder. Then Moses spoke and the voice of God answered him
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  • ... performance|historically-informed performance practice]] and associated research that Pachelbel's works began to be studied extensively and performed more f ...s scored for [[soprano]], [[SATB]] choir, 2 [[violin]]s, 3 [[viola]]s, 4 [[trumpet]]s, [[timpani]] and [[basso continuo]]) and exceptional knowledge of contem
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  • ...adically altered Southern race relations.<ref> Stephen B. Oates, ''Let the Trumpet Sound: Life of Martin Luther King, Jr.'' (New York, NY: HarperPerennial, 19 ...'s bullet. King joined the rest of the nation in a period of mournful soul searching, stating to Coretta and to Bernard Lee, "This is what is going to happen
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  • ...ia]], but the trumpeter usually is longer-bodied. Exceptionally large male trumpeters can reach a length of 183 cm (72 inches), a wingspan of 3 meters (almost ...nus columbianus''. In North America, there are four species of swans&mdash;trumpeter, mute, tundra, and whooper&mdash;but the whooper swan is rarely found in
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  • ...of tone production. The group is typically subdivided into Brass, like the trumpet, and Woodwind instruments, such as the clarinet, bagpipes and flute. ...eely chosen material. This is found in Jazz, notably with [[Miles Davis]] (Trumpet soloist) improvising against the orchestrations of Gil Evans. Also artists'
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  • ..." [ Veena in Yajurveda].''trumpet.sdsu''. Retrieved December 14, 2007.</ref> The Samaveda, created out of ''R ...tric sect of the Kartabhajas as well as by [[Sufi]] sects. Bauls travel in search of the internal ideal, ''Maner Manush (Man of the Heart).'' The music of t
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  • ... recommencement of a journey, and the various occasions for the use of the trumpets are stipulated. ...rpent. <ref>[ Book of Numbers]. ''''. Retrieved March 7, 20
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  • ...ation in January 1960, of a highly critical book entitled, ''The Uncertain Trumpet.'' ... intentionally aligned with Taylor's views as described in ''The Uncertain Trumpet.'' After the April 1961 failure of the [[Bay of Pigs invasion]], Kennedy, w
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  • :Searching all directions ...tatement about union with Brahma is made by the Ven. Sariputta without the trumpeter metaphor.</ref> provide the following description of "the path to the com
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  • *** [[Latridae]] ([[trumpeter (fish)|trumpeter]]s) * Eschmeyer, W. N. (ed.). 1998. [ ''Catalog of Fishes.''] Special Publication 1. San Francisco:
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  • ...teraceae]], [[Bignoniaceae]]<ref>E.g. [[Caribbean Trumpet Tree|"Caribbean" Trumpet Tree]] (''Tabebuia aurea''): Schetini de Azevedo ''et al.'' (2006).</ref>, ...ea, "a very rare bird which they called the Avestruz Petise." He continued searching fruitlessly for this bird.
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  • ...onomy|16:8-10|KJV}}<ref>Bible gateway[].Retrieved September 29, 2007. </ref> Th ...||Exodus|19:1|KJV}}<ref>Bible gateway[].Retrieved September 29, 2007. </ref>, this ev
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  • ...ligence]] weeks before the expedition which warned of an impending British search, and had moved much, but not all, of the supplies to safety. They had also ... riders delivering their message, bells, drums, alarm guns, bonfires and a trumpet were used for rapid communication from town to town, notifying the rebels i
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  • ... Saxony. Sebastian's father, Johann Ambrosius Bach, was the popular town [[trumpet]]er and director of musicians in Eisenach, a Thuringian town of some six th ... political tensions in the ducal court of Weimar, Bach began once again to search out a more stable job that was conducive to his musical interests. Prince L
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  • ....jpg|right|thumb|300px|A stone (2.43×1 m) with Hebrew inscription "To the Trumpeting Place" excavated by Benjamin Mazar at the southern foot of the Temple Mo *Finkelstein, Israel, and David Silberman. ''David and Solomon: In Search of the Bible's Sacred Kings and the Roots of the Western Tradition.'' New Y
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  • ...rke, Bernice Robinson, and Esau Jenkins, with the help of the Highlander Research and Education Center began the first Citizenship Schools on South Carolina' ...of American life.<ref name=Oates345>Quoted in Stephen B. Oates, ''Let the Trumpet Sound: A Life of Martin Luther King, Jr'' (New York: HarperCollins Publishe
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  • ... having to turn around at the call of [[Gabriel]]’s trumpet. Gabriel’s trumpet would be blown in the eastern sunrise. East-west positioning also marked th ...e of exhumation may also occur to enable [[Archaeology|archaeologists]] to search for human remains in order to better understand human culture.
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  • ...e playing intros and counter-melodies. A three-part horn section with Sax, trumpet and trombone would be typical.
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