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  •]] military response against a coup which had been staged by the Cypriot National Guard against president [[Makarios III]] with the intention of annexing the ... that addresses issues of [[justice]] is the most likely option to restore national unity. This will only develop when trust and understanding between the two
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  • ... knife, and struck his mother. Following charges of [[truancy]]y, he had a three week court-ordered stay for psychiatric observation in a facility called "Y ...ism|Marxist]] solely from reading about the topic. He found that he had to search the dusty back shelves of libraries to find the socialist literature in whi
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  • [[File:Francisco rizi-auto de fe.jpg|thumb|300px|Auto de Fe in la Plaza Mayor de Madrid, by Francisco Rizi, 1683]] ...ung boys."<ref name=Rice>Ellen Rice, "The Myth of the Spanish Inquistion", first published in ''Catholic Dossier'' 2 (6) (Nov-Dec 1996): 16-17. [http://www.
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  • ...about 600 miles (965 km) west of Ecuador. They were recently found to have three [[volcano]]es in the center island, all of them active. The archipelago is ...the way in which strong, swift currents made [[navigation]] difficult. The first crude navigation chart of the islands was done by the buccaneer Ambrose Cow
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  • ...tains]], forgotten for centuries by the outside world, was brought to international attention by [[Yale University]] [[archaeology|archaeologist]] [[Hiram Bing ...I, an American [[archaeology|archaeologist]] from [[Yale University]], was searching for Vilcabamba, the last stronghold of the [[Inca]] during the Spanish c
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  • ... by 60 years of [[United States]] protection beginning in 1898. During the first half of the twentieth century, Havana was a popular destination for America ... to the fortunes of the government of Cuba. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the nation attempted to progress from decades under a [[communism|
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  • |first_award= [[American Civil War]] There are two distinct protocols for awarding the Medal of Honor. The first and most common is nomination by a service member in the [[chain of command
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  • ... = <ref>[ U.S. Census] Retrieved May 25, 2012.</ref> ...ornia, San Diego (UCSD) with its affiliated UCSD Medical Center promotes research in [[biotechnology]]. Its economy is largely composed of [[agriculture]], b
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  • ...] and [[film director]], and theater, radio and film actor. He gained international notoriety for his October 30, 1938 radio broadcast of [[H.G. Wells]]' ''[[T ...t]] and [[suffragette]]. He was born on the day that [[Babe Ruth]] hit his first home run. At eighteen months, Welles was declared a [[child prodigy]] by Dr
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  • ...-born physician, [[Marxist]], politician, and leader of [[Cuba]]n and internationalist guerrillas. As a young man, Guevara traveled "rough" throughout [[Latin ...e]], Guevara left Cuba in 1965 with the intention of fomenting revolutions first in the Congo-Kinshasa (later named the [[Democratic Republic of the Congo]]
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  • ... ISBN 0393307808), 310.</ref> He spent most of his time in France working, first at the Le Creusot Iron and Steel plant in central France, then later as a f ...eng in front of Mao's cave dwelling in [[Yan'an]]. They had five children: Three daughters (Deng Lin, [[Deng Nan]], Deng Rong) and two sons ([[Deng Pufang]]
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  • ...ulture which was already almost 1,000-years-old under what is known as the three currents of [[Confucianism]], [[Buddhism]], and [[Daoism|Taoism]]. Each of the same time developed their own views which sometime have been less researched in China or in [[Japan]].
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  • a [[Roman Catholic]] mission for evangelizing natives. Ville-Marie, the first permanent French settlement on the Island, was founded in 1642 at Pointe-à |publisher=Department of National Defence, Canada
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  • ...ter welcomes more than 2.3 million people to performances by its four internationally renowned [[performing arts]] companies: Los Angeles Philharmonic, Center ...renowned in the local [[Los Angeles]] area, as well as nationally and internationally. Through its work, the center emphasizes the fact that [[music]] and art
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  • |national_anthem = {{lang|ar|عاش المليك}}{{Spaces|2}}<br />''[[The Royal Ant |national_motto = [[Arabic language|Arabic]]: الله، الوطن، المليك <b
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  • |national_motto = ... of Peru|Himno Nacional del Perú]]''"{{spaces|2}}<small>{{es icon}}<br />"National Anthem of Peru"</small>
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  • ...:2622000|accessdate=March 3, 2012|title=2010 Census Interactive Population Search|publisher=U.S. Census Bureau}}</ref><ref name=CensusMSA>{{cite web|url=http ...inte. The [[Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge]] is the only international [[wildlife preserve]] in [[North America]], uniquely located in the heart o
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  • had held the title of Supreme Director of Chile, but O'Higgins was the first who headed a fully independent Chilean state. His father had served as Gove ...a National Council although real power resided in a series of juntas, with three to seven members. [[Napoleon Bonaparte]] had placed his brother on the Span
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  • ...n Absecon Island on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. In 1921 it hosted the first Miss America Beauty Pageant. The ten-mile long island is separated from the The first boardwalk was built in 1870 along a portion of the beach to help [[hotel]]
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  • ...gislature, the [[Kenesset]], although that designation is disputed in international circles. Jerusalem is a city of diverse neighborhoods, from the ancient wal ...]," and in modern times is the Wadi al-Rababi (not to be confused with the first-mentioned valley).
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