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  • ...sequently beheaded and their severed heads were displayed in the city of [[Thessaloniki]]. The "tribute of children" was met with various reactions ranging from co ...xpulsion from Spain in 1492, [[Sephardim|Sephardic]] [[Jew]]s settled in [[Thessaloniki]] (known in this period as ''Salonica'' or ''Selanik''), which became the m
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  • ...Avars]]. They succeeded in conquering virtually all of Greece except for [[Thessaloniki]] and [[Athens]]. They continued to occupy Macedonia, Thrace, Moesia, and m in 837. [[Saints Cyril and Methodius]], [[Byzantine Greeks]], born in [[Thessaloniki]], were the creators of the first Slavic [[Glagolitic alphabet]] and [[Old
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  • ...notes 2 and 3, p. 90, in Papademetriou.</ref> Tischendorf had been sent to search for manuscripts by [[Russia]]'s [[Tsar]] [[Russian Emperor Alexander II|Ale ...n 1839.<ref> J.K. Elliott in "Codex Sinaiticus and the Simonides Affair," (Thessaloniki: Patriarchal Institute for Patristic Studies, 1982), 16. </ref> [[Henry Bra
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  • by Yugoslavian partisan forces and arranging the deportations of 40,000 Thessaloniki Jews to [[Auschwitz]]. Waldheim was stationed for a time in Thessaloniki, as ''Oberleutnant'' for counter-insurgency efforts (''Feindaufklärung'')
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  • ...ius I]] with [[excommunication]] for a massacre of innocent civilians in [[Thessaloniki|Thessalonica]]. He was also a prolific writer as a [[theology|theologian]], ...Theodosius with [[excommunication]] for the massacre of 7,000 persons at [[Thessaloniki|Thessalonica]] in 390, after the murder of the Roman governor there by riot
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  • ...i was investigated. The Palace of Philip II was excavated by a team from [[Thessaloniki University]] along with part of the necropolis being investigated by the Mi ...merican Schools of Oriental Research'' (The American Schools of Oriental Research) 10 (April 1923): 1–3.
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  • ...ished from [[pluralism|theological pluralism]], which does not necessarily search for common ground. ... of participants in ecumenical initiatives. The Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Greece, organized a meeting in September 2004, entitled, "The Inter-Orthod
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  • *''Shaare Tzedek'' (Gates of Justice), edited by Nissim ben Hayyim: [[Thessaloniki|Salonica]] 1792, containing 533 responsa arranged according to subject and *[ 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia: Article on "Gaon"]
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  • ...sula|Balkans]] as far as [[Kavala]], except for the [[Peloponnesus]] and [[Thessaloniki]], which he could not conquer because he had no fleet. There has been specu ...eventually saw the danger posed by the Turkish presence in the Balkans and searched for ways to push them back but was interrupted by [[Hungarians]], who att
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  • ...he Lechli, mostly Jews of [[Poles|Polish descent]] who lived in exile in [[Thessaloniki|Salonika]] and [[Constantinople]]. Because of the underground nature of the * Freely, John. ''The Lost Messiah: In Search of the Mystical Rabbi Sabbatai Sevi''. Woodstock, N.Y.: Overlook Press, 200
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