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  • ...hat was an early indication of a lifelong interest in political and social theory. In 1896, he taught [[Germany|German]] social [[democracy]] at the London S ...any love affairs and mistresses. In his autobiography he remarked that the search for love was for him a lifelong preoccupation.
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  • that help generate and alter visual images synthetically. Computability theory helps us understand what may or may not be computed, using current computer ...ave given birth to new approaches for [[teaching]] and [[learning]]. For research in various fields, computer science has greatly enhanced the processes of d
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  • ...article.cfm?chanID=sa006&articleID=00008965-AF27-1E41-89E0809EC588EEDF The Search for Dark Matter]. ''Scientific American''. Retrieved November 30, 2007.</re ...alaxy cluster 1E 0657-56]. Retrieved November 30, 2007.</ref> Researchers analyzed the effects of gravitational lensing to determine total mass di
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  • ... formal notion of [[proof]]s in logic is crucial in fields such as ''proof theory'' that study the general properties of provable and unprovable statements. ...ossible for any planar map, but every known proof involves a computational search that is too long to check by hand.]]
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  • ...y. He combined a gift for writing with the ability to conduct innovative research. His deep understanding of the ideas of the great economists of the past ga ...e problem. His [[creativity]] afforded him many insights into how economic theory could be improved to better account for reality, and thus be a more valuabl
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  • | known_for = [[EM radiation|Theory of EM radiation]] ...lection and refraction of light,'' in which he refined the electromagnetic theory of [[James Clerk Maxwell]] to account for a wide range of optical phenomena
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  • ...ellectual, novelist, essayist and critic, best known as the author of ''In Search of Lost Time'' (''À la recherche du temps perdu,'' also translated previou ...responds with the consolidation of the French Third Republic. Much of ''In Search of Lost Time'' concerns the vast changes, most particularly the decline of
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  • {{dablink|Not to be confused with [[informatics]] or [[information theory]].}} Information science should not be confused with [[information theory]], the study of a particular mathematical concept of information, or with [
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  • ... ones; it is compatible with [[full employment]]. (It is sometimes called "search unemployment" and is seen as largely voluntary.) It arises because either e ...perhaps through centralized job-banks (as in some countries in Europe). In theory, an economy could also be shifted away from emphasizing jobs that have high
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  • ...implemented by [[computer program]]s; any other algorithms can at least in theory be simulated by computer programs. ... algorithm. [[Randomized algorithm]]s, as their name suggests, explore the search space randomly until an acceptable solution is found.
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  • ... extended over many fields and he influenced the development of schools of theory including [[structuralism]], [[semiology]], [[existentialism]], [[Marxism]] ...his works were too discursive to the traditional academic view of literary theory. His unorthodox style led to a conflict with another French thinker, Raymon
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  • ...ism|Marxist]] solely from reading about the topic. He found that he had to search the dusty back shelves of libraries to find the socialist literature in whi ...all manuscript called ''The Collective.'' He soon gave up the idea but his search for literary feedback put him in touch with the area's close-knit community
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  • empirical falsifiability as the criterion for distinguishing scientific theory from non-science; and for his vigorous defense of [[liberal democracy]] and ...uralism]], [[inductionism]], and [[logical positivism]], and put forth his theory of potential falsifiability being the criterion for what should be consider
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  • ...ein field equations]]<br/>[[classical unified field theories|Unified Field Theory]]<br/> [[Bose–Einstein statistics]]<br/> [[EPR paradox]] ... [[theoretical physics|theoretical physicist]]. He is best known for his [[theory of relativity]] and specifically the equation <math>E = m c^2</math>, which
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  • ...n.<ref name=shildrick>Janet Price and Margrit Shildrick. (eds.) ''Feminist Theory and the Body: A Reader,'' (Edinburgh University Press, 1999. ISBN 978074861 ...nd activity.<ref name=Humm>Maggie Humm. 1995. ''The Dictionary of Feminist Theory.'' (Columbus: Ohio State University Press), 251</ref><ref name=Walker1992/>
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  • ...lysis, the "Third Viennese School" of [[psychotherapy]]. His book, ''Man's Search for Meaning,'' chronicled his experiences as a [[concentration camp]] inmat ...n Psychologe erlebt das Konzentrationslager'' (in English entitled ''Man's Search for Meaning''), wherein he tried to objectively describe the life of an ord
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  •]] of [[René Descartes]] and [[Isaac Newton]], to [[Albert Einstein]]'s theory of [[general relativity]], to the [[quantum mechanics]] of [[Werner Heisenb ... level using theoretical constructs such as [[Value theory#Sociology|value theory]], norms, anomie, etc.
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  • ...iewing [[Albert Ostman]], a retired lumberjack, one of the first bigfoot researchers, [[John Green]], reported on how Ostman alleged that in 1924, while camp walking slowly away from the camera. In addition to the film, both researchers were able to fill plaster casts of the creature's footprint. The legitim
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  • ...nielsson was a sociologist interested in [[human migration|human migration theory]]. He also served as translator, as he was the only member of the crew who ...strated the seaworthiness of Heyerdahl's intentionally primitive raft, his theory that [[Polynesia]] was settled from [[South America]] did not gain acceptan
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  • ...e="JE Noah">[ Jewish Encyclopedia: Noah]. McCurdy, JF, Bacher, W, Seligsohn, M, Hirs ...tween climates and the animals and plants adapted to them. One influential theory held that the biblical Ararat was striped with varying climatic zones, and
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