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  • ...nity. He continued to find support from the U.S. government and military research establishment. He was a co-founder of [[Lawrence Livermore National Laborat ...osives. He was an avid advocate of [[Ronald Reagan]]'s [[Strategic Defense Initiative]], perhaps overselling the feasibility of the program. Over the course of h
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  • ...sile]] designed to counter [[ballistic missile]]s (a missile for [[missile defense]]). A ballistic missile is used to deliver nuclear, [[Chemical warfare|chem ...round-Based Midcourse Defense]] (GMD, previously called [[National Missile Defense|NMD]]) system has recently reached initial operational capability. It does
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  • |known_for = [[SETI|Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)]]<br/>[[Cosmos: A Personal Voyage ...ience]]s. He pioneered [[Astrobiology|exobiology]] and promoted the [[SETI|Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)]].
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  • ...s of social unionism|title=Advances in industrial and labor relations: a research annual|volume=4|location=Greenwich, Connecticut|publisher=JAI Press|isbn=0-—balancing the federal budget.<ref name="Morris 1984"> Jonas Morris, ''Searching for a cure: national health policy considered'' (New York, New York: Pic
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  • Strategically, the U.S. Navy was able to seize the initiative in the Pacific and go on the offensive. ...or the conquest of the United States but was aimed at its elimination as a strategic Pacific power, thereby giving Japan a free hand in establishing its Greater
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  • |result=Allied strategic victory ...inst [[Empire of Japan|Imperial]] [[Japan]]ese forces, and was a decisive, strategically significant campaign of World War II. The fighting took place on and ar
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  • ...e Rosen Publishing Group, 2004. ISBN 082393828X), 52</ref> although some researchers, such as Karl Julius Beloch, argue that the dispatch of such a great fle ...ens and Persia was concluded in 450–449 B.C.E., as a result of Pericles' strategic calculation that ongoing conflict with Persia was undermining Athens' abili
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  • ...ll has for the most part been exclusive to military use. The island was of strategic importance in [[World War II]], was the scene of a crucial meeting between ... 188 residents (mostly American and Thai contractors for the Department of Defense who worked at the civilian base) on two C-17 Globemaster planes as [[Typhoo
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  • ...n new settlements. Those from the less prosperous Hispaniola were eager to search for new success in a new settlement. From there [[Juan Ponce de León]] con ...nean, the Barbary Coast, and Italy, 1500-1800.'' ''Ohio State University Research News''. Retrieved November 16, 2008.</ref>
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  • step on the road to [[World War II]]. Chamberlain entered into a Mutual Defense Pact with [[Poland]], but was unable to do anything directly when Germany i ...iod, Chamberlain founded and became the first head of the [[Conservative Research Department]].
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  • ...als, as well as domestic issues such as federal funding of [[stem cell]] research, the ineffective federal response to [[Hurricane Katrina]], and controversi ...ablishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…"), his initiative was popular with most people across the state, especially religious and soc
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  • ...y of engagement of the enemy; instead it focused on “pacification”, an initiative aimed at making the widest possible area of South Vietnam safe from Viet Co ...the Japanese in the north, aided by teams deployed by the U.S. [[Office of Strategic Services]] (the precursor of the [[Central Intelligence Agency]]). These te
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  • ...棋, 围棋), and ''Baduk'' in [[Korean language|Korean]] (바둑), is a strategic [[board game]]. It was played in ancient [[China]] before 200 <small>B.C.E. ...specially popular with students because it develops their mathematical and strategic thinking. Through experience the Go player gains a deeper understanding of
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  • ...ystem of [[collective defense]] in which its member states agree to mutual defense in response to an attack by any external party. ...tates ebbed and flowed, along with doubts over the credibility of the NATO defense against a prospective Soviet invasion&mdash;doubts that led to the developm
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  • ...airbase|airfields]] on [[Iwo Jima]].<ref name="morison"/> While the actual strategic significance of the victory has been debated, the battle was part of the en ...]] and Carolines. To counter such a move they established an inner line of defense extending generally northward from the Carolines to the Marianas, and from
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  • ...0The%20Jarring%20initiative%20and%20the%20response-%208%20Febr The Jarring initiative and the response.] Retrieved June 6, 2007.</ref> ...sser was only able to obtain the material for an anti-aircraft [[missile]] defense wall after visiting [[Moscow]] and pleading with the Kremlin leaders. He cl
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  • ...ed victory<ref name="result" /> in the war: the Poles claimed a successful defense of their state, while the Soviets claimed a repulse of the Polish [[Kiev Of ...lish Army]] began sending the first of their units east to assist the self-defense forces, while the Soviets sent their own units west.
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  • As Japan moved toward war during 1940, Yamamoto introduced strategic as well as tactical innovations, again with mixed results. Prompted by tale ...d never worked even in Japanese war games, and painfully aware of American strategic advantages in military productive capacity, Yamamoto proposed instead to se
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  • |result=Strategic Soviet victory ...]: ''Bitva za Moskvu.'' {{lang-de|Schlacht um Moskau}}) was the [[Soviet]] defense of [[Moscow]] and the subsequent Soviet [[counter-offensive]] that occurred
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  • ...r [[USS Ward (DD-139)|USS ''Ward'']]. ''Ward'' carried out an unsuccessful search. The [[First American shots fired in World War II|first shots fired]], and ...Arizona (BB-39)|USS ''Arizona'']], both rushed to the bridge to direct her defense, until both were killed by an explosion in the forward magazine from an arm
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