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  • ...ociety Dialogue on Human Rights and Peace] (Kolkata: Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group, 2003). Retrieved May 26, 2018.</ref>)—acts and regulations of the ...Melting point|freezing]]; snow rarely falls. During the monsoon and winter seasons, [[mist]] and [[fog]] often shroud Darjeeling. The annual mean temperature
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  • ...ef name="Census">{{cite web|url=| title=Population Trends: India|accessdate ...e [[Tsongmo Lake]], [[Gurudongmar]] and [[Khecheopalri Lake]]s, five [[hot springs]], and over 100 rivers and streams. Eight mountain passes connect the stat
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  • ...soft, loose topsoil, leading to frequent [[landslide]]s in the [[monsoon]] season. The hills nestle within higher peaks and the snow-clad Himalayan ranges to temperature being around 15 °C (59 °F). During the monsoon and winter seasons, fog often envelopes Kalimpongby. The annual temperature ranges from a hig
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  • ...onomy|16:8-10|KJV}}<ref>Bible gateway[].Retrieved September 29, 2007. </ref> Th ...||Exodus|19:1|KJV}}<ref>Bible gateway[].Retrieved September 29, 2007. </ref>, this ev
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  • ...ref name="Hassan Abbas" /><ref name="Qadir">[ An Analysis of the Kargil Conflict 1999, by Brigadier Sh ...posts, reoccupying them in the [[spring (season)|spring]]. That particular spring, the Pakistan Army reoccupied the forward posts before the scheduled time.
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  • ... earth.<ref>Polat Kaya, [ Search For the Origin of the Crescent and Star Motif in the Turkish Flag,] 1997. R ... is called ''Göktanrı'' by some scholars. Though there is insufficient research, Tengriism is thought to heavily influence the [[Alevi]] belief system. Tod
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  • ... as the first spring holiday, falling close to the first day of the spring season. * [[International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women]] (INSTRAW)
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  • ...he atmosphere. Winters are very cold, though chinook winds may bring brief spring-like conditions in the western regions. The region is periodically subjecte ...ican shorebirds stop over at [[Cheyenne Bottoms]] in [[Kansas]] during the spring migration.
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  • ...ages between 55 and 94 millimetres (2.2 and 3.7 in) a month. Some snow in spring and autumn is normal. Similarly, late heat waves as well as "Indian summers ...5&APATH=3&METH=1&PTYPE=55440&THEME=41&FOCUS=0&AID=0&PLACENAME=0&PROVINCE=0&SEARCH=0&GC=0&GK=0&VID=0&VNAMEE=&VNAMEF=&FL=0&RL=0&FREE=0&GID=431565|title=Languag
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  • ...f name="Helgen2005" /><ref name="Helgen2003"/> Cuaron et al. report that research conducted by many different scholars concludes that the Cozumel raccoon and ...ndant and become a large portion of the raccoons’ diet. Then in the dry season, they begin to consume more of the crabs, insects, lizards, and so forth.
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  • ...bsp;[ ITIS 42236] 2002-09-22</small> and farmers in terms of growing season, such as [[winter wheat]] versus spring wheat, by [[gluten]] content, such as hard wheat (high protein content) ver
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  • ...e]]s, making trails, releasing sources of underground water during the dry season, and so forth. For humans, partially domesticated elephants have been used ...smaller and smaller; the elderly no longer have the opportunity to roam in search of more appropriate food and will, consequently, die of starvation at an ea
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  • ..., elk and [[red deer]] were considered the same species, however [[DNA]] research has indicated that they are different. ...tion of antlers is [[testosterone]]-driven (FPLC 1998). After the breeding season in late fall, the level of [[pheromone]]s released during [[estrus]] declin
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  • ...e foliage does not remain for more than one annual cycle, perhaps due to a seasonal variation in [[rain|rainfall]]. Deciduous in this sense contrasts with [[ ...iodic shedding of a plant structure, either leaves at the end of a growing season (Seiberling 2005), or a structure such as [[petal]]s after [[flower|floweri
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  • ...w marks and deposits of urine or feces. The bobcat breeds from winter into spring and has a gestation period of about two months. ...11&nbsp;km) along its habitual route (Fergus 2003). This behavior may vary seasonally, as bobcats become more [[diurnal animal|diurnal]] during fall and wint
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  • Beltane was one of four Gaelic seasonal festivals: [[Samhain]], [[Imbolc]], Beltane, and [[Lughnasadh]]. Beltane ...e holiday was celebrated on the full moon nearest the midpoint between the spring [[equinox]] and the summer solstice. The [[astronomy|astronomical]] date fo
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  • ...even miles northeast of Pella, Iowa.<ref>Gary L. Roberts, "Wyatt Earp: The Search for Order on the Last Frontier," in ''With Bullets & Badges: Lawmen & Outla ...t [[Fort Bridger]] to hunt [[Bison|buffalo]] with [[Jim Bridger]]. Later researchers have suggested that Lake's account of Earp's early life is embellished,
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  • ... and [[Yale University]].<ref>Allan M. Winkler, ''To Everything There is a Season: Pete Seeger and the Power of Song'' (Oxford University Press, 2009, ISBN 9 ...h century.<ref name=Tick>Judith Tick, ''Ruth Crawford Seeger: a Composer's Search for American Music'' (Oxford University Press, 2000, ISBN 978-0195137927).<
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  • ...> In 1981, the poliovirus genome was published by two different teams of researchers: by [[Vincent Racaniello]] and [[David Baltimore]] at [[Massachusetts In ...o ''Human enterovirus C''.<ref>E. B. Carstens, and L. A. Ball, [ "Ratification vote on taxon
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  • ...eturn, the bees pollinate crops, garden flowers, and bushland during their search for nectar and pollen. While a number of beekeepers fill a small niche mark ...nter; in the Southern Hemisphere and in [[Africa]], this period is the dry season, or summer.
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