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  • ...classical types such as [[Dressage]] to intense types like [[cross-country sports]]. These types of activities have been around for many years with the first Equestrian sports combine the beauty and power of the horse with the skilfull manipulation of
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  • ...e more dangerous. Naturally, this is just the type of snow needed for snow sports such as skiing. ...e the disturbance to the slope. Members should be aware of their duties to search.
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  • ...ekeland]], a Belgian-born American living in New York state, was a chemist searching for insulating shellac to coat wires in electric motors and generators. ... chemist [[Wallace Carothers]]. Carothers had been hired to perform pure research, and not only investigated new materials but also worked to understand thei
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  • encyclopedic references by way of distinguishing it from [[hockey|other sports with the same name]] it is formally known as '''Field hockey'''. ...and propel the ball with their feet (and from 2007 any other part of their equipment in a "goal-saving action"), they must always carry a stick, and normal stic
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  • ...g wedge#Sports usage|flying wedge]]," and introducing and requiring better equipment such as [[football helmet|helmets]]. The game achieved its modern form by 1 ...had developed a national following, second only to [[baseball]] among team sports.
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  • one of the most popular of [[Olympics]] sports as well. Like other team sports, basketball stresses not only athletic agility but also team work and compe ... "Duck on a Rock." Naismith called the new game 'Basket Ball'.<ref>[ Newly found documents shed light on b
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  • ...sometimes longer; of course, a diver with [[Scuba set|underwater breathing equipment]] can dive for much longer periods. ...ica]]) have become popular with trophy hunting, freediving spearfishers in search of [[Yellowfin Tuna]].
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  • ... actions, including as guard dogs trained to instill fear in people and as sports dogs taught to fight other dogs to the death. ...nterest to an untrained dog. An intensive search for a scent, for instance searching a ship for contraband, can actually be very fatiguing for a dog, and the
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  • ...[[martial law]], the declaration of Bangladesh's independence, [[Operation Searchlight|military suppression]], devastation during war, and natural calamities ...ndation (architecture)|foundation]] in [[Bengal]].<ref>[ Chawk Mosque (Dhaka)]. accessdate 2007-07-06 </ref>
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  • ...G1/estat/|title=最新結果一覧 政府統計の総合窓口 GL08020101|publish [[Archaeology|Archaeological]] research indicates that people were living on the islands of Japan as early as 35,00
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  • '''Online shopping''' is the process of researching and purchasing products or services over the [[Internet]]. The earliest ... on Consumer Mobile Buying Behaviour.” "Journal of Electronic Commerce Research," 6(3) (2005).</ref> Online shopping had caught the attention of the genera
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  • Radio Beacon]] ([[ELT]]) may also be fitted into the glider to reduce [[search and rescue]] time in case of an accident.
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  • ...ia and the Pacific and Indian Oceans.<ref>Jared M. Diamond, ['s_gift_to_the_world Taiwan ... Corcuff (ed.), ''Memories of the future: national identity issues and the search for a new Taiwan'' (Routledge, 2002, ISBN 0765607913).</ref> Several subseq
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  • players, above all [[Babe Ruth]], perhaps the grandest figure in U.S. sports history; and the distinctive, asymmetric ballparks from baseball's earlier ...iolation of fair play for competitive advantage, rightly censured by fans, sports writers, and baseball management.
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  • ...ed from divination paraphernalia.<ref> Shirakawa Masayoshi, ''A Journey In Search of the Origins of Go,'' Yutopian Enterprises (August 20, 2005) ISBN 1889554 ...d. Li Gang, a research fellow with the Shaanxi Provincial Archaeological Research Institute, said that this board might have been made from a floor tile, and
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  • ... meaning "fall."<ref>[ Parachute.] ''Online Etymology Dictionary''. Retrieved July 11, 20 ...m "jellyfish 'chutes" because they look like dome-shaped jellyfish. Modern sports parachutists rarely employ this style of parachute.
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  • | population_estimate = 5,638,700<ref>[ Populat ...rmy, navy, and air force, is one of the most modern in Asia, with advanced equipment and high level of training reflecting the fact that military expenditure do
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  • ...fascist regime, backed by the army and the Heimwehr (Home Defence League), searched the headquarters of and banned the Socialist Party. Later Dollfuss abolis ...putation as a quick (standard deployment time is 10 hours) and efficient [[Search and rescue|SAR]] unit. In 2007, larger contingents of Austrian forces were
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  • Imports: machinery and equipment, foodstuffs, chemicals, wood products, fuels ...manufacturing, iron and steel products, [[aluminum]], [[cement]], military equipment.
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  • ...ef>[ Researchers: Obama has German roots]. ''USATODAY'' (June 4, 2009). Retrieved Februar ...ness International Corporation]], then at the [[New York Public Interest Research Group]].<ref name=Obama/> He was hired as director of the [[Developing Comm
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