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  • ...rnal view of the Stanford torus.jpg|thumb|350px|Artist's conception of a [[space habitat]] called the [[Stanford torus]], by [[Don Davis (artist)|Don Davis] ... in [[science fiction]], as well as a long-term goal of various national [[space program]]s.
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  • ...e layers-en.svg|thumb|The boundaries between the Earth's surface and outer space.]] ...l locations. There is no clear boundary between [[Earth's atmosphere]] and space, as the [[density]] of the atmosphere gradually decreases as the [[altitude
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  • ...ion]]s, ancient Chinese philosophers made significant advances in science, technology, [[mathematics]], and [[astronomy]]. The first recorded observations of [[c ...ns and the earth: the history of Jesuit observatories.'' (Astrophysics and space science library, v. 286). (Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003. ISB
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  • |name = Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur |type = [[Education]] and [[Research]] [[Institution]]
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  • His works often veer into philosophical speculation on [[technology]], the nature of [[intelligence]], the impossibility of mutual [[communicat ...vented him from becoming a military doctor. Instead, he had to work as a research assistant in a scientific institution where he started to write stories in
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  • |laterwork= [[Shell Oil]], VP, Director<br/>[[Space Technology Laboratories]], Chairman ...neer]] at McCook Field, Doolittle entered the [[Massachusetts Institute of Technology]] (MIT). In March 1924, he conducted aircraft acceleration tests at McCook
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  • centrifuge.jpg|thumb|200px|The 20 G centrifuge at the [[NASA Ames Research Center]].]] ... human centrifuge. The centrifuge at Holloman AFB is operated by the [[aerospace physiology]] department for the purpose of training and evaluating prospect
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  • ...experiment, Fuller wrote 28 books, coining and popularizing terms such as "spaceship earth," ephemeralization, and synergetics. He also created a large numb ...suit of the patterns he found in nature continued throughout his life. His search for nature's coordinate system, and mankind's role in the universe began wh
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  • ...age:20G99-0130-40.jpg|thumb|250px|The 20 G centrifuge at the [[NASA Ames Research Center]].]] ...Base]], New Mexico, houses a human centrifuge. It is operated by the [[aerospace physiology]] department, to train and evaluate prospective fighter pilots f
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  • In 1970, Eiji Osawa of [[Toyohashi University of Technology]] predicted the existence of C<sub>60</sub> molecules. He noticed that the Retrieved October 21, 2008.</ref> One reason for this given by the researchers is that the B-80 is actually more like the original geodesic dome struct
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  • developments in navigation, [[cartography]] and maritime [[technology]] searching for a sea route to the source of the lucrative spice [[trade]]. In 1488, ...olonial scouts) gradually extended their activities, at first primarily in search of indigenous people to enslave for the demands of the plantations, and lat
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  • ...ation]] due to constant and rapid technological advancement of information technology, as well as issues concerning copyright infringement. Nevertheless, library ...n print may have been in a 1988 report to the [[Corporation for National Research Initiatives]]<ref>R.E. Kahn and V.G. Cerf [
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  • ...existing outside of earth, many scientists remain hopeful and continue the search. Given that the existence of life beyond earth has ramifications of the gre ...into the twentieth century. As long as humankind was unable to travel into space, extraterrestrial life seemed as probable to scientists and the general pub
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  • ...ook]] their food, [[clothing|clothe]] themselves, and use numerous other [[technology|technologies]]. ...ents, practice [[religion|religious]] traditions, have developed complex [[technology|technologies]], and so forth. As noted by eminent evolutionist [[Ernst Mayr
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  • often involves speculations based on current or future [[science]] or [[technology]]. Science fiction is found in media as diverse as, but not limited to, lit *A setting in [[outer space]] or involving [[Extraterrestrial life|aliens]] or unknown civilizations.
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  • ...hesized true color and among the highest resolutions possible with current technology. ...;1930&nbsp;[[Clyde Tombaugh|Clyde&nbsp;Tombaugh]] was working on a project searching for a ninth planet at [[Lowell Observatory]]. Tombaugh's work was to sys
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  • ...icle]]s for [[artificial satellite]]s, and for [[human spaceflight]] and [[Space exploration|exploration]] of other [[planet]]s. Compared to other propulsio [[spaceflight]] to the Moon. In the twenty-first century, commercial [[space tourism]] has become feasible.
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  • | notableworks = ''[[Childhood's End]]''<br/>''[[2001: A Space Odyssey]]''<br/>''[[The City and the Stars]]'' <br/>''[[The Songs of Distan ... Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World]'', [[YouTube]]. Retrieved on Feb
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  • ...Hawking ansatz]]</br>[[Gibbons–Hawking effect]]</br>[[Gibbons–Hawking space]]</br>[[Gibbons–Hawking–York boundary term]]</br>[[Thorne–Hawking–P [[California Institute of Technology]]<br>
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  • ...s, remote-controlled devices, the global positioning system ([[GPS]]), and spacecraft communications systems. Thus people are surrounded by invisible radio electromagnetic waves within a transmission antenna and beamed out into space.
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