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  • [[Image:UpdatedPlanets2006.jpg|right|400px|thumb|The '''solar system'''—major bodies drawn to scale]] [[Image:Oort_cloud_Sedna_orbit.jpg|thumb|400px|The '''solar system'''—major orbits drawn to scale (clockwise from top left)]]
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  • ...als]] on the Moon and [[Near-Earth asteroid|Near Earth Asteroids]], that [[solar energy]] is readily available in large quantities, and that no new scientif ...sease. They also note that, whatever the merits, human travel beyond the [[Solar System]] is not feasible in any reasonable time period. To counter these ar
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  • ...microphone. Some early radios used some type of amplification with battery power or an electric current, but until the mid-1920s, the most common type of re ...ent broadcasts commenced in 1922, from the [[Guglielmo Marconi|Marconi]] Research Centre at Writtle, near [[Chelmsford, England]].
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  • ...d concepts for the [[helicopter]], a tank, the use of concentrated [[solar power]], the [[calculator]], a rudimentary theory of plate tectonics, the double ...ciently admired and a wonderful grace in all his actions, there was such a power of intellect that whatever he turned his mind to he made himself master of
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  • | subsid = [[Shell Oil Company]]<br/>[[Shell Gas & Power]]<br/[[Shell Australia]]<br/>Shell South Africa<br/>[[Shell Canada]]<br/>[[ ... developing [[wind power|wind]], [[Hydrogen economy|hydrogen]] and [[solar power]] opportunities. Shell is incorporated in the UK with its corporate headqua
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  • ...arter boycotted the Moscow Olympics and began to rebuild American military power. He beat off a primary challenge from Senator [[Ted Kennedy]] but was unabl ...[[Hyman G. Rickover]] for the [[United States Navy]]'s fledgling [[nuclear power|nuclear]] [[submarine]] program, where he became a qualified command office
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  • ...he Virgin Anasazi. Parrusits seasonally migrated up and down the valley in search of wild seeds and nuts in what is called the ''Neo-Archaic'' period. Some f [[museum]] and visitor center functions moved to a new [[solar power]]ed facility adjacent to the south entrance.
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  • ...mic plan or cyclical transformations required by it.<ref>Jan Assmann. ''In search for God in ancient Egypt,'' Translated by David Lorton. (Ithaca: Cornell Un ... these artistic images was simply to imagine the god as analogous with the solar disk itself (sometimes ensconced in the coils of a cobra).<ref>Richard H. W
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  • '''Neptune''' is the eighth and farthest [[planet]] from the [[Sun]] in our [[solar system]]. It is the fourth largest planet by diameter and the third largest ... 21, 2007.</ref> Neptune also has the strongest winds of any planet in the solar system, measured to be as high as 2,100 kilometers per hour or 1,300 miles
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  • ....jpg|thumb|235px|right|Artist's impression of Gilese 581 c, the first extrasolar planet discovered in its star's habitable zone]] ...existing outside of earth, many scientists remain hopeful and continue the search. Given that the existence of life beyond earth has ramifications of the gre
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  • ...organisms and not just simpler, [[microorganism|unicellular]] creatures. Research and theory in this regard is a component of [[planetary science]] and the e ... hosting planets and expanded habitability research horizon beyond our own solar system.
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  • ...use a drawing he made of it looked like a [[crab]].<ref>K. Glyn Jones, The Search for the Nebulae, ''Journal of the History of Astronomy'' 7: 67.</ref> ...-1326. Retrieved December 16, 2008.</ref>) is estimated to be 4.6 ± 1.8 [[solar mass|M<sub>☉</sub>]].<ref name="Fesenetal1997">Robert A. Fesen, J. Michae
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  • :''This article is about vehicles powered by rocket engines.'' In chemically powered rockets, the [[combustion]] of [[rocket propellant|propellant]] produces
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  • ...ored [[heat]]. They comprise roughly six percent of all known stars in the solar neighborhood. ...otating white dwarf, the [[Chandrasekhar limit]]&mdash;approximately 1.4 [[solar mass]]es&mdash;beyond which it cannot be supported by degeneracy pressure.
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  • industry = Computer software<br/>Publishing<br/>Research and development<br/>Computer hardware<br/>Video games<br/>| services = Azure, [[Bing (search engine)|Bing]], LinkedIn, MSDN, Office 365, OneDrive,, TechNet,
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  • '''Mercury''' is the innermost and smallest [[planet]] in the [[solar system]], orbiting the [[Sun]] once every 88 days. Its brightness ranges fr ...ury range from about 90 to 700 Kelvin (K) (-180 to 430 °C), with the [[subsolar point]] (the point on the planet where the Sun would appear directly overhe
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  • ...these are typically available only by subscription (which most astronomy research facilities have). ...ays or weeks can now be carried out in seconds via the sophisticated ADS [[search engine]]. Studies have found that the benefit to astronomy of the ADS is eq
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  •>ZenoBank, [ Company Profile for BP PLC (BP).] Retrieved October 10, 2008.</ref>| ...r 480,000 sq. miles (1,243,195 km²) in Iran. D'Arcy agreed to finance the search, and sent George Reynolds and a team of explorers to Shardin, Iran. By 1905
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  • ... both male and female, or as beyond gender (such as an impersonal abstract power or energy). ...r personality traits, failings and vices, but with additional supernatural powers and abilities. Some have jurisdiction or governance over a large area, as
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  • ...r systems]], [[star cluster]]s, and various [[interstellar cloud]]s. The [[Solar System]] is located in the [[Milky Way]] galaxy. ...f stars held together by [[gravitation|gravitational forces]], akin to the solar system but on a much larger scale. The resulting disk of stars can be seen
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