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  • ...], [[electrical engineering]], [[environmental engineering]], [[mechanical engineering]], and so forth. ...gineering is called an '''engineer'''. Those licensed in specific areas of engineering may have formal designations such as [[Professional Engineer]], [[Chartered
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  • ...[[local search (Internet)|local search]], and industry-specific [[vertical search]] engines. ...words and to remove barriers to the [[web crawler|indexing activities]] of search engines.
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  • | name = Live Search | type = [[Search engine|Search Engine]]
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  • ...he production of spacecrafts, bridges, electronic chips, robots, and large software products.]] '''Industrial engineering''' is the branch of [[engineering]] concerned with the development, improvement, implementation and evaluatio
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  • ...ical user interface]]s (one for patrons, one for staff). Most ILS separate software functions into discrete programs called modules, which are then integrated ...tabases ([[deep web]]), library holdings, and general web sources with one search query. Library communities are also increasingly looking into [[open source
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  • centered on [[document]]s and included the notions of [[hyperlink]]s, [[search engine]]s, remote access, and [[social network]]s. (Obviously these notions ... even warned if their query was likely to produce more than 50 results per search.<ref name=day/>
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  • ...he theoretical foundations to the very practical aspects of managing large software projects.''" [ ...ave given birth to new approaches for [[teaching]] and [[learning]]. For research in various fields, computer science has greatly enhanced the processes of d
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  • ...rt of the [[surface Web]], which is [[index (search engine)|indexed]] by [[search engine]]s. It is estimated that the deep Web is several [[order of magnitud ... with one search query. They are hoping to have one search engine that can search and retrieve all available information sources to each library, that includ
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  • ... The Internet is a global data communications system. It is a hardware and software infrastructure that provides connectivity between [[computer]]s. In contras ...d the [[Information Processing Technology Office]] (IPTO) to further the research of the [[Semi Automatic Ground Environment]] (SAGE) program, which had netw
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  • ...odicals such as journals, magazines, and newspapers. A [[Web search engine|Search engine]] is a web based index. ...dexer identifies the range and scope of coverage, perspectives, types of research, disciplinary areas, and other specific information the document provides.
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  • ...m Berners-Lee]], working at the [[CERN|European Organization for Nuclear Research]] (CERN) in [[Geneva]], [[Switzerland]], and released in 1992. Berners-Lee Institute for Research in Information and Scholarship at Brown University) Dynatext SGML reader th
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  • ...f websites on the [[Internet]]. Some directories are designed for specific search areas such as academic resources or professional information sources. Some ...ine]] and does not display lists of web pages based on [[keyword (internet search)|keyword]]s; instead, it lists web sites by category and subcategory. Web d
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  • ...nclude [[Advance fee fraud|Nigerian 419]] or other gullibility or [[social engineering]] frauds ("[[phishing]]," [[#Cybercrime#Identity theft|identity theft]], [[ ...rofessionals to mean a variety of forms of hostile, intrusive, or annoying software or program code. The more specific term "[[computer virus]]" is however use
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  • .../ This proposition was tested via a nationwide white-pages search on's online service].</ref> and not at all in either the 1851 or ...rve no purpose in the program, but is believed to be a workaround for some software bug, or to be otherwise required for reasons unknown to the programmer.<ref
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  • ...5&APATH=3&METH=1&PTYPE=55440&THEME=41&FOCUS=0&AID=0&PLACENAME=0&PROVINCE=0&SEARCH=0&GC=0&GK=0&VID=0&VNAMEE=&VNAMEF=&FL=0&RL=0&FREE=0&GID=431565|title=Languag ...=2466060&Geo2=PR&Code2=24&Data=Count&SearchText=montreal&SearchType=Begins&SearchPR=01&B1=All Community Highlights for Hampstead], Statistics Canada, Last ac
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  • [[structuralism|Structuralist]] analysis generally relies on the search for underlying binary oppositions as an explanatory device. The structurali ...ngstar; a cynical introduction to deconstruction from the perspective of a software engineer.
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  • ...these are typically available only by subscription (which most astronomy research facilities have). ...ays or weeks can now be carried out in seconds via the sophisticated ADS [[search engine]]. Studies have found that the benefit to astronomy of the ADS is eq
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  • '''Online shopping''' is the process of researching and purchasing products or services over the [[Internet]]. The earliest ...s address, or in the case of [[digital media]] products such as music, [[software]], [[e-book]]s or [[movie|movies]], may be downloaded onto the customer’s
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  • ...ent broadcasts commenced in 1922, from the [[Guglielmo Marconi|Marconi]] Research Centre at Writtle, near [[Chelmsford, England]]. ... international efforts to create software radio that relies solely as free software.
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  • ...n print may have been in a 1988 report to the [[Corporation for National Research Initiatives]]<ref>R.E. Kahn and V.G. Cerf []]. Nevertheless, as a result of the development of the internet and its search potential, digital libraries such as [[the European Library]] and the [[Lib
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