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  • ...B.C.E. he sent Eupolemus the son of Johanan and Jason the son of [[Eleazar Maccabeus|Eleazar]], 'to make a league of amity and confederacy with the Romans.'"<re at:142 shift:10,10 text:[[Simon Maccabeus]], 141&ndash;135
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  • ...ume the title of king but ruled with princely authority, succeeded [[Simon Maccabeus]], who was assassinated in 135. Hyrcanus succeeded in substantially increas *[ "ALEXANDER JANNÆUS (Jonathan)" in the Jewish Encyclop
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  • ...udas Maccabeus]], [[Jonathan Maccabaeus|Jonathan]], and [[Simon Maccabaeus|Simon]], and his grandson, [[John Hyrcanus]]. For Jews, a highlight of 1 Maccabee ... the nickname given in the book to the first leader of the revolt, [[Judas Maccabeus|Judas]], third son of Mattathias. Alternatively, ''Maccabee'' also might ha
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  • ...smaller and smaller; the elderly no longer have the opportunity to roam in search of more appropriate food and will, consequently, die of starvation at an ea ... is less water available, and local herds will often come too close in the search to use these limited resources.
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  • ...e of the successful revolt against the [[Seleucid]] Greeks. Led by [[Judas Maccabeus|Judah Maccabee]], the Jews had liberated [[Jerusalem]] from Greek rule in 1 ...of the [[Sanhedrin]] supported a major rebellion led by [[Simon bar Kokhba|Simon Bar Kochba]]. Rabbi [[Akiva]], one of the greatest sages of his day, went s
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  • ...eath. <ref>[ Antiochus IV]. ''''. Retrieved Aug ...tar to [[Zeus]] erected in the Temple. Mattathias, and his five sons John, Simon, Eleazar, Jonathan, and Judah lead a rebellion against Antiochus. Judah bec
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