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  • ...f World Christianity, founded May 1, 1954, Seoul, Korea; with missions and centers in 185 countries) in 1954, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unifi ===Study and worship in Seoul===
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  • ...onally in the mid-1980s (this conclusion is based on date retrieved from a search for publications located by using the keyword 'information superhighway' on Born in [[Seoul]], Paik had four older brothers and a father who worked as a textile manufa
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  • ...a]] and the country's economic, financial, educational, and transportation center. It is located on the [[Moskva River]] in the [[Central Federal District]], ...d of the [[Russian Orthodox Church]]. Moscow also remains a major economic center and is home to a large number of [[billionaire]]s. It is home to many scien
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  • outlets for their [[creativity]] such as [[architecture]], [[art]], the search for [[knowledge]] through [[science]] or [[philosophy]], as well as the dev ...he necessity of cities. However, cities continue to be valuable, acting as centers of knowledge, [[services]], and cultural activities, suggesting that they
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  • ...on Buddhism|Seon]] ([[Zen]]) School of Buddhism, Jogye Buddhism stresses a search for inner peace through meditation. Buddhism in [[Korea]] went through a pe [[Image:Bongeunsa 1.jpg|300px|thumb|left|Bongeunsa Temple, Seoul]]
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  • the same time developed their own views which sometime have been less researched in China or in [[Japan]]. ...ques related to the [[Chinese Classics|Classics]], the scientific research centers or the Confucian inspired poems and paintings. It is valuable also to cons
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  • <!-- Parts translated from -->] </ref> In 1957, Seoul appealed for Tokyo's assistance to secure the departure of ethnic Koreans f
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  • training centers. King Yejong was also noted for his sponsorship of the arts. [[Confucianism|Confucian]] ceremonial music ''(Aak)'' had its origin in [[ ...ded occasion of a Korean dynasty providing formal training in the military arts. Due to tensions between the aristocracy and the military, it was removed f
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  • ...mbers of North Koreans illegally entered the People's Republic of China in search of food. Faced with a country in decay, Kim Jong-il adopted a [[Songun|"Mil ..., Gilbert Rozman, Samuel S. Kim, and Stephen Kotkin (eds.), ''Korea at the Center: Dynamics of Regionalism in Northeast Asia'' (Armonk, New York: M. E. Sharp
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  • ...áwū'') is traditionally quite similar to the American "[[cafe]]," albeit centered around tea rather than [[coffee]]. People gather at tea houses to chat, s ...paration of tea. There will usually be a charcoal pit (炉, ''ro'') in the center of the room for boiling water for tea.
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  • |parts_type = Divisions<ref name="hist">{{cite web|title=Township divisio |parts = <br />[[List of administrative divisions of Beijing|16 dist
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  • [[Image:Bongeunsa_1.jpg|300px|thumb|Bongeunsa Temple, Seoul]] ...kyu Islands]], in [[Okinawa Prefecture]], Japan. [[Jeju Island]] is also a center of shamanism. Shamans, most of whom are women, are enlisted by those who wa
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  • ...ou is now called Huaiyang (淮陽), but it is no longer the administrative center of the prefecture, having been replaced by Zhoukou. The village of Zhangyin ...Chemulpo Treaty]] of 1882 gave the Japanese the right to station troops in Seoul to protect their legation. China's protection alone could not shield Korea
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  • <!-- seat, smaller parts -------> ...g the [[Meiji period]] Hiroshima became an important [[port]] and military center.
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  • ... called Nakseongdae (site of the falling star, 낙성대,落星垈 ), near Seoul's [[Nakseongdae Station]] on the Line two subway. ...rn [[Confucianism|Confucian]] [[philosophy]], military tactics and martial arts from his father. After his father's death in 964, he left his household and
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  • ..., [[entertainment]], [[Mass media|media]], business, [[fashion]] and the [[arts]] all contribute to its status as one of the major [[Global city|global cit ...t permanently to [[Versailles]] in 1682. A century later, Paris became the center of the [[French Revolution]], with the [[Storming of the Bastille]] in 1789
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  • ...ers.<ref> Encyclopedia of Korean National Culture [ 46 고추 Encyclopedia of Korean national cultur ...ed in [[soy sauce]] and other [[spice]]s. The [[Kimchi Field Museum]] in [[Seoul]] has documented 187 historic and current varieties of kimchi. Although the
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  • ...ot for serving food and water to thousands of monks. Beopjusa thrived as a center for the [[Jogye Order]] until the [[Joseon Dynasty]]. By the middle of the ...afflicted with a skin condition and went to the [[Songrisan]] Mountains to search for healing of his body and spirit. On the way to Beopjusa, he encountered
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  • ...ducational, cultural, commercial, administrative, financial, and political center of Colombia. As with many large, cosmopolitan cities, it is a city of diver ...ter of the [[Viceroyalty of New Granada]]. The city soon became one of the centers of Spanish colonial power and civilization in South America.
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  • ...nto the [[Aegean Sea]], via the Vardar River and its tributaries. Smaller parts drain into Lake Doiran and into the Aegean via the Strumica and Struma rive ...f the country, as well as the political, cultural, economical and academic center of the country. It was known from the [[Ancient Rome|Roman]] period under t
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